Halloween Costume Accessories for Every Kind of Procrastinator

From scary masks to temporary tats, these Halloween accessories will make you stand out at your next spooky fête.

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Whether you’re a Halloween die-hard in need of the perfect final touch or a procrastinator seeking the kind of last-minute, high-impact accessory that will turn a “meh” costume into a “wow!” moment, Spirit Halloween and Party City have you covered. We won’t waste any more of your time: Here are some of our favorite ways to add pizzazz to your ensemble come October 31st.

For the Pop Star Fanatic…

Commemorate one of the biggest musical events of the year by decking yourself out in full disco cowgirl. This Silver Mirror Disco Cowboy Hat will pull the whole outfit together. Floating disco horse optional.


If You’re Feeling Toothsome…

Whether you’re recycling your RenFaire outfit or going for a more modern look, a vampire costume never disappoints. The only non-negotiable is Vampire Fangs — and these ones only cost five bucks!


If You Love Rock n’ Roll…

Whether you’re a biker or rocker, there’s pretty much no outfit that won’t be spiffed up by these edgy-cool Mesh Chain Gloves. They’re fingerless, so they won’t keep you warm, but they will make you look about 65% cooler — guaranteed.


For the Non-Squeamish…

Nothing screams Halloween like red goop. This Half Gallon of Fake Blood can outfit an entire squad, whether you want subtle, side-of-the-mouth vampire drips or a full bucket of pigs’ blood moment.


For the Horror Movie Buff…

Masks are an easy way to look like you did the most, even when you did the least. We’re talking high impact, low commitment. Wear whatever you want on your body and still freak out everyone you come into contact with in this Jason Voorhees Half Mask from the horror classic “Friday the 13th.” Bonus points for the air holes and open back — which make it less sweaty than your average Halloween mask.


If You Want to Reflect How You Feel Inside…

Zombies are another easy costume, because you can be a zombie anything. A firefighter, a burlesque dancer, a finance bro, or whatever celebrity is trending at the moment — the world is your undead oyster. Consider these Fake Stitches Tattoos the ultimate no-muss, no-fuss finishing touch.


For the (Wannabe) 90’s Baby…

Nostalgia fashion is so omnipresent these days that a ‘90s throwback outfit on its own won’t quite register as a costume. The solution? A pair of Grunge Embroidered Fairy Wings, of course. Pair these with a choker, a mini skirt, and some Doc Martens and you’ve got an outfit all will envy.


If You Want People to Say “Yes, Chef…”

Order this knife prop, throw on an apron, a dirty T-shirt, some arm tats, and a brooding demeanor.


If You Want to Stay Warm…

This sexy Black Velvet Women’s Hooded Cape will keep you warm during transit without spoiling your outfit — no matter what you’re wearing underneath.


If You Have a Furry Friend… 

The ultimate Halloween accessory? Your pet. Commit to a group Addams Family theme with your family or friends, and hit the streets with a tiny, grumpy Wednesday Addams by your side.


PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Party City and Spirit Halloween