Peep the Very Best Peeps (and Peeps Cereal, and a Peeps Toy…)

I braved a sugar-induced mania to find the absolute best.

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I’m Jewish and did not grow up eating Peeps, the classic Easter treat. My husband is from England, where Peeps aren’t really a thing either. All we knew was that Peeps are as polarizing as they are sweet. As a food writer for more than a decade, I wanted to remedy this gap in my knowledge. So this spring, I made it my mission to take a deep dive into the world of Peeps and understand the candy in the best way I knew how — tasting it ALL. 

A few weeks ago, my husband and I approached our kitchen table, completely strewn with sugary chicks — and a few bunnies — in all kinds of eye-popping colors, with equal parts kid-in-a-candy-shop excitement and apprehension.  


We tasted our way through an extensive lineup of tried-and-true candy and playful new flavors. I’m happy to say that my whole family is now in the pro-Peeps camp. These are fun, flavorful treats to make your springtime bright, cheerful, and very, very sweet. We couldn’t fit all of our favorites on this list, so consider this the Peeps highlight reel. 

Word to the wise: If you eat more than your fair share, your teeth will start to ache, and your brain might feel zippy.

Kellogg's Peeps Breakfast Cereal


My parents would not let me eat sugary cereal as a kid, so maybe this is my rebellion. The Peeps Breakfast Cereal is mouth-puckeringly sweet (shocking, I know). My only complaint is that it wasn’t as generous with the Peeps within the cereal as it might have been — and those candy pieces are obviously the best part. They deliver that same grainy texture as the marshmallows in Lucky Charms, that same welcome hit of candy amidst the relatively staid Os that would otherwise just be plain cereal.

Sugar-induced joy scale: 4 

Dr. Pepper Peeps


When I worked at a fancy restaurant, the sommelier swore by Dr. Pepper as a solid nonalcoholic beverage choice — since then, I’ve equated Dr. Pepper with a sort of sophistication. We were shocked how precisely these Peeps smelled and tasted like Dr. Pepper! They had that medicinal, slightly bitter profile that’s the signature of the soda, and even a Dr. Pepper aftertaste.

Sugar-induced joy scale: 5 

Party Cake Peeps


These funfetti-esque Peeps taste a lot like a spoonful of vanilla frosting straight from the jar. They are very pretty, speckled like a robin’s egg, and deliver on a quintessential birthday cake flavor profile.

Sugar-induced joy scale: 6 

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks


The quality of the chocolate was disappointing — chalky and overly sweet (the last thing we need in Peeps land!), and yet the sum was greater than its parts. We loved the textural experience of the crunchy chocolate and the soft marshmallow together. We all went back for more.

Sugar-induced joy scale: 7  

Classic Peeps


What won us over about these is their slightly hard, crunchy exterior which yields to a fluffy, springy marshmallow inside. They taste like sugar on sugar on sugar, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sugar-induced joy scale: 8  

Cotton Candy Peeps


These were a surprise hit. They had a classic marshmallow flavor with more nuance than the OG candy. My husband detected brown sugar notes; they reminded me of the inside of the melted marshmallow from a campfire, cloying yet pleasant.  

Sugar-induced joy scale: 9 

Peeps Delights S'mores Graham Cracker Flavored Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in Milk Chocolate


I found it sort of genius that the marshmallow itself is graham-cracker flavored. The snap from the chocolate and the softness of the Peep provides a very faithful s’mores experience. Another unexpected hit. 

Sugar-induced joy scale: 9 

Bonus! Peeps Scented Yellow Toy


Okay, so don’t eat this, but now you and your kids can have what they’ve always wanted, a bunny stuffy that smells like a bag of marshmallows and air freshener! It’s bright yellow, perfectly simple, and ideal for squeezing and cuddling.  


  • Photographer: Paul Quitoriano

  • Art Direction: Sarah Ceniceros Gomez