Your Guide to Healthy Food Delivery

DoorDash and Caviar filters make it easy.

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More often than not, one of the biggest hurdles to healthy eating is not having a plan, or waiting until you’re way too hungry and then reaching for the bag of chips. No shade to chips, but that’s not dinner. Planning meals and snacks ahead of time and having the foods you want on hand can make your life so much easier. And our makes it even more simple, with tons of ways to find healthy delivery options right in the app. Here’s how to filter, search, and customize your way to good health.

Healthy, Vegan, and Salad Cuisine Filters

The top of the app has a variety of filters designed to get you to the food you want as quickly and easily as possible. The “Healthy” filter will show you plant-forward and lean protein dishes like salads, bowls, and wraps. The “Salad” filter works similarly, showing restaurants that offer at least one salad option on their menu. The “Vegan” filter shows restaurants that have at least one vegan option — or an entire vegan menu. 


“Healthy Enough” Carousel

Our app also has an entire carousel dedicated to healthy dishes called “Healthy enough.” This collection of restaurants offers nutritious options selected by our in-house team of registered dietitians. You will find a variety of cuisines in this collection, ranging from Thai to Mediterranean to Mexican. 

healthy enough carousel

Order Ahead

One of the most convenient features on our is the “schedule for later” option. This is a great way to plan your meal ahead of time, meaning you’re less likely to wait until you’re overly hungry to eat. Ever get stuck in a meeting during your lunch hour? Or feel unmotivated to plan and cook dinner for your family? By using the “schedule for later” option, your meal will be dropped at your doorstep. No matter what happens in the course of the day, at least you can count on a healthy dinner. 

order ahead

Customize Options

Many restaurants offer customizable options such as “build your own” bowls or salads. Opt for whole grains such as quinoa or brown rice, lean proteins such as chicken, fish, or tofu, and add extra vegetables when possible. Some restaurants have an option to input a certain dietary intolerance or allergy. If not, just use the Add Special Instructions box to request swaps or add allergy notifications.

customize options


DoorDash Nutritionists
DoorDash Nutritionists

DoorDash Nutritionists