Jessica Biel Always Has Snacks

The actress and mom shares her go-tos for quick bites and on-the-go beauty.


Welcome to The Save, where we ask interesting people what they order when they’re in a pinch.

Actress Jessica Biel is always on the go. The mom of two partnered with DoorDash to create a line of Grab & Go Bento boxes — a mix of dips, bites, and her kid-favorite protein shakes, KinderFarms — to save fellow parents from hangry kids. But what does she order when she needs a quick save? Check out all of her current favorite items, from many types of protein bars to tie-dye socks (socks!) to her favorite cereal.

What do you order when…

…your kids are asking for new snacks nonstop?

We love snacks in our house. When my kids just can’t get enough, I order boxes and boxes of Split Nutrition in all the flavors. It’s an on-the-go, no-mess, no-stress nut butter/jelly packet. It’s PB&J without the bread, for families on the go.

…you need ingredients to make your go-to recipe for friends?

I order quinoa, butter, chicken or vegetable stock, and raid the garden. I love a quinoa vegetable stir fry with dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, carrots, and zucchini. You can basically throw anything in and it’s hearty and delicious. You can also add a protein if you’re feeling it too. 

And then all the fixings for a classic Southern pound cake: butter, sugar, salt, eggs, vanilla, cake flour, and cream cheese! Yum.

…you're headed to a friend’s bday bash and need a last-minute gift?

I love all the playful home decor and vintage jewelry from Love Adorned. Or if you’re looking for more host or hostess type gifts, I adore the kitschy home decor items from Biscuit Home (like the pink pig cocktail napkins!). I also love T-shirts and socks from Gallery Dept., or the crystal trolls from Spellbound Sky LA.

If your friend is more literary, I love searching the curated shelves of Annabelle’s Book Club LA, Annabelle is an entrepreneurial 17-year-old avid reader and owner of this bespoke treasure trove in Studio City.

What do you always order to stock…

…your purse or on-the-go bag?

For my personal on-the-go bag, I also love and always keep a few Split nutrition packets on me. Also, Kind bars, RX bars, and That’s It bars. 

I love a smoothie and can’t live without the plant-based OWYN protein shakes in all the fun flavors like Cold Brew Coffee or Cookies and Creamless.

I also love the EO French lavender deodorant wipes, Bombas tie-dye cozy socks, ISUN Ormus Myst face toner, and Epicuren facial emulsion enzyme moisturizer.

…your kids’ backpacks or lunch boxes?

KinderSprout protein shakes and Z bars in case they don’t eat any of the fresh items I put in. Ha! They love Annie’s gummies too, and the microwavable mac & cheese to go bowls.

…your bar cart to make your signature cocktail?

I’m really getting into the mocktail world these days and loving the de-alcoholized sparkling rose from Noughty and the Aperol spritz mock mix from Ghia.

…your pantry with everyday essentials?

We are a big breakfast family and always have Birch Benders paleo protein pancake mix on hand, as well as ALL the flavors of the Three Wishes cereal. We love the horchata and s’mores flavors the best.

We also love King Arthur’s gluten-free flours, and baking essentials. And the pantry can’t be without chili roasted pistachios from Wonderful, and fresh noodles and tomato sauce for pasta night!

What’s your current favorite…

…song to blast on the way to school pickup?

My husband’s unreleased music from his upcoming album which I’m not allowed to say anything else about! Hahahaha.

…a book that you read with your kids?

We love reading “The Snail and the Whale” with our littlest one and our 8-year-old loves “Dog Man.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Attribution to Georges Biard