Illustrator Monique Aimee Shares Her Best Art-Inspired Gifts

From Sharpies to yarn baskets, this is what to buy your artsy friends.

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Illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist Monique Aimee loves to incorporate art into her holiday gifting. When the Somerville, Massachusetts–based artist isn’t busy creating her own work, she’s often thinking of other creative outlets, like caring for houseplants or knitting. Here, she shares her favorite shoppable gifts that she recommends for everyone on her holiday list this year.

Check out some of Monique’s go-to buys, all of which are available on DoorDash

What is your go-to holiday gift for… 

the crafter?

A Moleskine sketchbook is a nicer quality one that maybe someone wouldn’t buy for themselves. And even if they’re not an artist that’s sketching, you could use it as a notebook. I always have a million to-do lists going on. 

…the knitter? 

A basket to store yarn in. People who are into knitting just slowly start with one ball of yarn, and, a year later, it’s like 50 balls of yarn. 

the young artist? 

A high-quality pencil set that comes in a nice tin. I had that when I was a kid. It feels special and it protects the pencils.

…the plant enthusiast? 

A nice watering can! Something that I try to think of are things that maybe the person wouldn’t buy for themselves. 

…a holiday party host?

A nice bottle of wine. Some fun snacks. I would lean into food. I’m a big cheese and crackers fan. 

…the design lover? 

A charging phone stand. I think that would look really nice next to a monitor. Very useful. 

…the coffee drinker?

A travel mug, but a clean one that you can add artists’ stickers to. 

…yourself (and others like you)?

Nice coffee beans. I blow through those. I could always use more coffee. 

…a Secret Santa gift? 

Seasonal chocolate tins. You could reuse the tin for storing art supplies, and things like that. 

…someone you just met? 

Hot cocoa mix, or something cozy

…someone you haven’t seen in years? 

A picture frame of us hanging out years ago. That’s always fun. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Monique Aimee