4 Effortlessly Cool Easter Baskets

No need to hunt for the best basket fillers. They’re all here!

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Who needs the Easter Bunny? We’re making the annual basket-building bonanza easy this year with themed baskets for all ages. Keep it classic with awesome activities for the littles; go big with oversized treats for older kids; give teens stuff they actually want; and treat adults to spa-like goodies. Whether you fill a basket, bucket, or decorative box, these Easter ensembles will put a little spring in their step. The best part? You can order everything — from the basket to the grass to the candy to the extras — straight to your door. 

1. The Better-Than-Candy Basket (for Little Kids)


Deliver the wow factor and skip the massive sugar crash with this balanced basket featuring something to snuggle, things to play with, and a moderate amount of mini candies tucked into plastic eggs that you can use again next year. Much more than a bundle of treats, this basket inspires creativity and play. Plus, the toys and projects will extend the Easter fun with indoor and outdoor activities that will last far longer than the included candy. 

  • Easter basket

  • Easter basket grass

  • Sidewalk chalk

  • Plastic eggs with treats inside

  • A stuffed animal

  • Bubbles

  • Crayons + something to draw on

  • Play-Doh or fingerpaints

  • Activity book

2. The Big Wow Basket (for Big Kids)


Remember the thrill of receiving a humongous version of your favorite candy when you were young? This bigger-is-better candy collection turns that feeling up to 11 — not to mention it ensures your gift basket is a dream snack station for days to come! Make this year’s Easter basket the one to remember by filling the base of the container with basket grass, topping it with enough supersized sugary temptations to fill the basket — plus a colorful toy, because more is more — and embellishing any holes with mini candies. 

  • Easter basket

  • Easter basket grass

  • A selection of giant candy like an oversized Toblerone, chocolate rabbit, Hershey’s Kiss, a bag of Sour Patch Kids, a giant gummy bunny, a big box of Red Vines, etcetera.

  • One big toy (LEGO, crossword/games book, etc.)

  • Bag or box of the recipient’s favorite cookies

  • Boba-making kit (big straw included!)

  • A bag of assorted mini candies, like Starbursts, Snickers, Twix, M&M’s, Milky Way, Skittles

3. The “Wait This Is Actually Cool” Basket (for Teens)


For teens and young adults, candy is still 🤘, but must-have gadgets are 💯too. Show them you “get” them by filling their basket with a selection of things at the center of their world — ahem, fun coffee drinks, smartphone accessories, styling essentials, and playful surprises. Combine any or all of the following for an OMG basket your teens will ❤️.

  • Easter basket

  • Basket grass

  • Hair products (gel or oil, hair bands, hair clips) 

  • Disposable camera (retro fun is in!)

  • Portable charger (so they can stop stealing yours) 

  • Earbuds (with or without a side of bunny ears)

  • Cool phone case

  • Playstation or Starbucks or other gift card

  • Selection of their favorite candies

  • Stress ball or fidget toy

  • Temporary tattoos or nail decals

4. The Total Bliss Basket (for Grown-Ups)


Why should kids have all the fun? There’s no age limit on the joys of receiving an Easter basket — especially when it’s stocked with grown-up goodies. So, surprise your partner or best pals with the ultimate pampering basket. Start with the recipient’s favorite treats, then load up on items that inspire the luxe life, using the list below as a guide. Extra points if you babysit the kids, or otherwise clear the decks for the recipient to indulge in some well-deserved chill time.  

  • Basket

  • Basket grass

  • Eye or face mask

  • Gua sha tools

  • Bubble bath or bath bomb

  • Votive & lighter or cool matches

  • Brownie bites or a selection of gourmet chocolate candy

  • Bottle of sparkling wine

  • Caviar and blini

  • A link to a personal chill playlist that you create


  • Photographer: Paul Quitoriano

  • Art Direction: Sarah Ceniceros Gomez