Molly Baz’s Favorite Things to Buy

Tacos, salt, and weird tropical greenery will never fail recipe developer and cookbook author Molly Baz.

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In this column, we ask notable culinary figures what their “saves” would be in distinct situations. Pinched for time and invited to a last-minute party? What would be their go-to fan favorite, fit for a crowd and sure to impress? Desperate for something to eat and faced with a time crunch? What delicious item would absolutely save the day? 

Here, cookbook author Molly Baz quickfires her “saves,” dishing her go-tos on everything from last-minute barbecue pot-luck items to culinary-themed kids’ birthday gifts. Like Molly herself, these saves are playful, fun, and delicious. 

What do you order when…

…you just finished your cookbook and you are celebrating. What are you eating as a celebration? 

All the makings for an at-home seafood tower.

…you’re invited to a barbecue, you don’t have time to cook, but you have to bring something. 

I’d go to the taco stand down the street, ask them for 20 tacos deconstructed, bring them over to the house and then crisp everything back up a la minute over there. I’ve been known to do it.

…you pass a great bakery and you’re hungry. 

A plain butter croissant. 

…you are out of makeup and you can only buy one thing. 


…you have nothing in your pantry and you can only buy one thing.


…you forgot a birthday gift for a child and you need to buy something immediately.

A sushi-rolling kit. 

…you want to surprise your guests with something to drink. What do you serve them? 

My favorite cocktail, which is called an Eventide. It’s gin and Cocchi Americano with orange bitters and a twist. 

…you want to perk up your bar cart with one spirit.

Cocchi Americano.

…you want quick fresh-cut flowers. What flowers do you choose? 

I choose a mix of the weird tropical greenery that is out in my yard. They’re not flowers, but they’re beautiful. 

…you need a good beach read. 

Old "Gourmet" magazines.  

…you want to switch up your fragrance. 

I just got this new men’s cologne. It’s called Penhaligon’s, and I’ve never gotten so many compliments on the way I smell in my entire life. 

…you need coffee, as in, from a coffee shop. 

An almond cappuccino.

…you are craving dessert from a bakery. 

Carrot cake. 

…you need a speedy restock of your refrigerator after vacation but you don’t have very much time. 

I’m buying some kind of lettuces, some kind of cheese, some kind of cured meat, a tinned fish, a loaf of bread, and a lemon. 

…you only have 10 minutes at the farmers’ market.

Depends on the time of year, but tomatoes, stone fruit, artichokes, and then citrus in the winter. 

…you need something to snack on and you are time-limited. 


…you are hosting a picnic.

I would order a 10-foot hoagie.