Padma Lakshmi’s Favorite Things to Buy

White beans, eye pencils, and caviar will never fail Padma Lakshmi.

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What does Padma Lakshmi order when she’s time-crunched? Some staples (beans!), some splurges (caviar!), and lots of in-betweens. Check out her favorite “save” orders. 

What do you order when…

…you’re craving dessert.

“Either Pinkberry or Rice to Riches — I like the classic rice pudding flavor.”

…you need a birthday — or hostess — gift.

“I always order Cire Trudon candles to give as gifts. They’re the oldest candle maker in Paris and they’re luxurious and last a long time.” 

…your pantry is empty.

“The first thing I order are beans — white beans and lentils.” 

…you need more to snack on.

“I love Cape Cod Sweet & Spicy Jalapeño Chips, sour cream, and caviar!”

…you’re hosting a picnic.

“I would get things that are really easy like fried chicken from Blue Ribbon, which is good hot, room temperature, and cold. I make a spicy coleslaw with red cabbage and chipotle mayo that goes beautifully with chicken.”

…you want to perk up your bar cart.

“Really great tequila!” 

…you need a good beach read.

“I inhaled “Lessons in Chemistry. It was so good. The writing is very enjoyable and the author finds a way to have a light hand in talking about the systemic gender issues we’re feeling today.”

…you want to switch up your fragrance.

“I love Floris 129. It may have been meant for men, but I love that it’s fresh, clean, and light. I also love Artemis at Dawn by a small company called Fat and the Moon. It’s a unisex fragrance that’s made with amber essential oils. I’ve gifted it to the men in my life.” 

…you’re out of makeup.

“I love the Sabbath Eye Pencil by Urban Decay. It’s a very dark navy blue color that looks beautiful on brown eyes. It also has a very saturated pigment for darker skin.”

Photo credits:

  • Headshot courtesy of Padma Lakshmi

  • Łukasz Rawa and Luma Candles on Unsplash