The Best Burgers in Philadelphia, Delivered to Your Door

So good, they might as well call Philly the City of Burger-ly Love.

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A smashed, crispy-edged beef patty, a melted square of American cheese, a bun that squishes under your fingers like memory foam. If that’s the burger of your dreams, you can have it in Philly any day of the week. Or maybe you’d rather have a high-concept gourmet burger with imported cheese, local bacon, and a top-secret sauce? Consider it done — and delivered. We’ve gathered some of the best burgers in Philly that are available on Doordash, listed here in no particular order — because they’re all winners.

Lucky’s Last Chance

You won’t find a list of the best burgers in Philly that doesn’t include Lucky’s Last Chance. This is bar burger artistry. The Incomparable Bacon Cheddar overflows with super-thin onion straws, and the PB & Bacon is the stuff of legend. If that combination sounds weird to you, then clearly you haven’t tried it yet.


Entire articles have been written about the legacy of the Rouge Burger, a famous Philly bar burger topped with tangy-funky Gruyère and sweet caramelized onions, all cushioned by a challah roll. It’s been listed as one of the burgers you need to try before you die by GQ. Oprah Winfrey loved it, and when did she ever steer you wrong?

BestBurgersPhilly Rouge rougeburger article

Spot Gourmet Burgers

What began as a popular food truck is now a beloved brick-and-mortar restaurant that many residents consider the city’s best burger spot (get it?). Every burger starts with a patty of freshly ground sirloin (more tender than chuck). Then, either go with one of the 13 on-the-menu toppings combos — or choose the Build Your Own burger and work your own wizardry. There are seven choices for how you want your burger cooked, from rare to incinerated. Seriously reconsider that last choice, though; the restaurant warns that you’ll be served a “hockey puck–like carbon disc.”

Emmy Squared

It’s really hard to open the Emmy Squared menu and not become mesmerized by the crispy-cheese-edged square pizzas, but trust us, keep scrolling until you find Le Big Matt burger. This double-patty cheeseburger on a slightly chewy pretzel bun has won awards. Must be something in that Sammy sauce …

BestBurgersPhilly EmmySquared LeBigMatt article

Khyber Pass Pub

This restaurant’s name refers to a mountain pass in Pakistan, but its menu leans toward Cajun and Creole. The irresistible Khyber Burger definitely shows its Southern side: The standard tomato slice gets an upgrade to a pickled green tomato, and chipotle rémoulade brings a welcome hint of heat.

BestBurgersPhilly KhyberPass burger article


Two words: Bulgogi. Burger. This is the Korean-American mashup the world needed—and can’t get enough of. Ssamjang mayo is the secret sauce, and it brings a flavor explosion of sweet-hot funk that deserves to be bottled and sold. Side of crispy brussels sprouts, always.

BestBurgersPhilly SouthGate southgateburger article

American bistro is a part of the High Street Hospitality restaurant group, and if the words “High Street” make you think “incredible artisanal bakery,” you already know this double-decker cheeseburger is off to a strong start; the squishy sesame bun is house-made and perfectly griddled. This also means you should 100% add a slice of chocolate cake to your order.


There are a lot of burgers with American cheese on this list, a choice as reliable as the line to see the Liberty Bell. But the burger at French bistro Parc goes with rich raclette, a cheese renowned for its meltiness. It envelops the thick beef patty so entirely that you almost can’t see the meat underneath. Cheese lovers, this one’s for you. 

BestBurgersPhilly Parc burger article


Absolutely gigantic, the Moshulu double cheeseburger is 10 ounces of a blend of short rib and brisket meat, topped with the usual works and served with a side of truffle fries. Not a meat eater? This upscale restaurant in a historic sailboat has you covered: There’s a generously portioned veggie burger on the menu, too.

Oyster House

Don’t let the name mislead you, because the burger at Oyster House is the only burger you’ll meet that can compete with the lobster roll that leads the menu. Cooper sharp cheese oozes down the patty, red onion jam adds a sweet-and-savory touch, and a squishy potato bun barely holds it all together. A Boylan root beer is the pairing of choice here.

BestBurgersPhilly OysterHouse oysterhouseburger article


Weekend brunch at the modern French bistro Forsythia is the Burger Royale’s time to rise and shine. Two smashed patties, bacon jam, comeback sauce (the recipe is top secret, but it will, as promised, compel you to return), and raclette cheese make this a flavorful burger to look forward to all week.

Pub & Kitchen

Another solid burger choice, the P&K Double Smash Burger nicely dresses up its thin, smashed double patties with Cooper sharp cheddar in place of American. It’s similarly melty but with a bit more bite.

Butcher Bar

Trust the meat lovers at Butcher Bar to compose a cheeseburger that keeps it simple — with American cheese, shrettuce (shredded iceberg lettuce), and creamy special sauce — to let Pat LaFrieda’s beef steal the show. The Royale with Cheese is an ode to a nationally famous fast-food burger (not to mention a certain Quentin Tarantino film), but worlds-away better.


The Parker Burger at American bistro Libertine has seen its fair share of best-burgers-in-Philly lists, which might have something to do with the black truffle mayonnaise that’s slathered all over it. Or maybe it’s the thin and crispy fried onions. Or the aged Irish cheddar that melts like a Dali clock over the patty. Or all of the above.

BestBurgersPhilly Libertine burger article

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

The double-decker Prime Cheeseburger at Del Frisco’s is of the old-school, upscale steakhouse variety: The toppings (lettuce, tomato, pickles) are classic, the meat is prepared exactly how you request it, and you can order a side of creamed spinach or a shrimp cocktail to start. 

Village Whiskey

Village Whiskey is dedicated to the art of the gourmet burger, and while the classic smash burger never disappoints, it’s the Whiskey King that’s write-home-to-Mom level. It’s topped with maple bourbon–glazed onions, foie gras, bacon, and creamy blue cheese. Add a side of duck fat fries with cheese sauce. Because Mom would.

The Dandelion

A cozy burger from a cozy British pub is just what a night in calls for. The Dandy Burger is a substantial half-pound bacon cheeseburger made with aged beef and a complicated “churchill sauce” (cheekily spelled with a lowercase C) that has won local burger awards and a dedicated following.


The Double Patty Backyard Burger at Hawthornes starts with the basics: It’s a no-nonsense, two-patty smash burger with cheddar, lettuce, and tomato. But then, plot twist! A smoky rémoulade sauce keeps you on your toes. BYO backyard.

Autograph Brasserie

Autograph Brasserie in nearby Wayne does a fancy burger with a loyal audience and critics’ approval. It features aged cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions, and truffle aioli. (The fries are truffled, too.) The restaurant’s Impossible burger, with goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, and arugula, is a worthy alternative.

P’unk Burger

The beef at P’unk Burger is from humanely raised, grass-fed cows that are antibiotic-, pesticide-, and hormone-free. There’s an array of specialty burgers with creative toppings; turkey, tuna, and lamb versions; and plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. Ingredients are sourced with care, down to the root beer float made with Hank’s pure-cane-sugar soda.

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East Philly Cafe at Bridget Foys

A pop-up made permanent after a longtime Philly restaurant was destroyed in a fire, East Philly Cafe turns out simple but expertly prepared burgers and bacon cheeseburgers (the meat is freshly ground daily), supremely comforting tomato soup, and crispy wings. Don’t forget a side of rosemary-salt fries.

BestBurgersPhilly EastVillageCafeatBridgetFoys BridgetFoysburger article

Cheesy Burgers

The hardest decision you’ll make at Cheesy Burgers is whether you’re in the mood for a double or single burger. Or wait, maybe it’s a triple-burger day? These are uncomplicated classic diner burgers with super-thin patties, and they beg for a milkshake on the side. Especially if you need a mouth cool-off after a bite of the triple-threat Volcano Burger topped with jalapeño, spicy mayo, and pepper jack.

Charlie’s Hamburgers

Charlie’s, in Folsom, is extremely no-frills when it comes to hamburgers, which is sometimes exactly what you want. The closest thing to frills you’ll find are on the Tim Special. It’s a double cheeseburger. With extra cheese. On a grilled cheese bun.


Vegetarian chain HipCityVeg is where you’ll find a range of vegan and veggie burgers that aren’t playing second fiddle to a burger royale. The popular Ziggy Burger is a soy-based patty with tempeh bac’n (organic, of course), provolone, and special sauce, which you can wash down with an ice-cold kale lemonade.

The Olde Bar

Old-school opulence is the mood at The Olde Bar, so you can pregame your absolutely giant burger with an order of crab, which is available in multiple forms. (On fries with cheese fondue? Yes, please.) The burger is one super-thick patty with a waterfall of white cheese, and somehow there’s room for caramelized onion and bacon on there, too.

BestBurgersPhilly TheOldeBar oldebarburger article

Loco Pez

Loco Pez is taco- and burrito-focused, but they’re also quietly turning out a killer smash burger that locals love: double patties, a combo of Monterey Jack and cheddar, jalapeño, and a secret Loco Sauce you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s so good that no one will think you’re loco for ordering a burger from a taqueria.


There is so much fun on a bun happening at Huda that it’s tricky to zoom in on just one item, but the Mott Burger, with five kinds of cheese, a sweet chili glaze, buttermilk ranch, and caramelized onions is too irresistible to ignore. Like all of the burgers at Huda (including another worthwhile option, the “animal style” smash burger, with pickled green tomatoes), it’s served on a pillowy milk bread bun. Watch for seasonal specials — like an eggplant parm burger — that you’ll want to catch before they disappear.

BestBurgersPhilly Huda themottburger article

Jake’s & Cooper’s Wine Bar

Horseradish aioli adds a kick to the Double Stack Burger’s two 5-ounce patties layered with cheddar from Jake’s & Cooper’s, a wine bar that takes its bar food seriously. The fries that come alongside are taken up a notch with a sprinkling of parmesan.

BestBurgersPhilly JakesAndCoopers jakesdoublestackprimeburger article

Ripplewood Whiskey & Craft

In nearby Ardmore, Ripplewood is flipping an underrated and unique burger. The double patties are layered with a slice of smoky Lebanon bologna (a cured smoked beef sausage that originated with the Pennsylvania Dutch) and sharp Gouda cheese. Worth seeking out.

BestBurgersPhilly Ripplewood ripplewoodburger article

Tap Room on 19th

The menu is eclectic at this new gastropub, which is good news if you’ve ever craved a burger and crab rangoon egg rolls at the same time. The Tap Burger is a trifecta blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck, topped with nutty fontina and aioli. Vegetarians are in luck, too, because the beet and fried goat cheese veggie burger is one of the most intriguing we’ve ever seen.

Bud & Marilyn’s

Bud’s Double-Patty Burger is as comforting and retro (it’s cooked medium-well only) as the nostalgic restaurant itself and only available at brunch. The double-decker with cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and an American flag toothpick is straightforward, yes, but also stellar—after all, it’s named for the chef’s grandfather, so there’s a lot of love being poured into those patties. There’s a Beyond burger on the menu, too.

BestBurgersPhilly BudMarilyns doublepattyburger article


Gatehouse is an eclectic spot with so many burgers it’s hard to narrow it down. One has a fat wedge of fried avocado and shishito peppers, another has rosemary-braised mushrooms and Swiss, and then there’s a saucy BBQ Burger with bacon and a pile of fried onions. And that’s just for starters.

Five Guys

Consistency is key at Five Guys, one of the most tried-and-true burger joints in the country. Small upgrades, like a patty that’s formed fresh to order, elevate the Five Guys burger above many other big chains. Plus, those Cajun fries.

Craftsman Row Saloon

There’s a full burger spectrum at Craftsman Row Saloon, from a nondescript but satisfying classic smashed cheeseburger to the seasonal Christmas Dinner Burger, with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and sweet potato fries. Save room, though: Once you’ve seen the over-the-top milkshakes that have made this place famous, there’s no turning back. 


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