The Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

It's not all cheesesteaks. (But, yes, there are cheesesteaks.)

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Philly is a restaurant-lover’s paradise. The beloved birthplace of cheesesteaks is also home to a kaleidoscope of cuisines, from old-school Jewish delis and fiery Sichuan restaurants to taquerias and dim sum spots. The hardest part of eating in this city? Deciding what to choose for dinner. The next time you’re debating pizza and pad Thai, turn to this guide.

Marathon Grill

Craving comfort food? Marathon Grill has been feeding Philadelphians all-American classics since 1996. The family-run chain operates two locations with menus devoted to feel-good food like comforting chicken matzo ball soup, fully-loaded chopped salad, and mozzarella-blanketed crispy chicken Parmesan. In classic Philly form, there’s even cheesesteak wontons with sriracha “whiz” sauce. Come with a serious appetite.


Owners Catherina and Kevin Huang opened the Sichuan-Taiwainese restaurant in the Rittenhouse neighborhood in 2015, and its spicy-sweet dishes have quickly become neighborhood favorites. Come for the Taiwanese specialties, like garlic-charred shrimp fried rice and pumpkin rice noodles with shredded pork, but don’t forget the titular dan dan noodles either.

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen is truly iconic. The black-and-white tiled delicatessen has been a cornerstone of Philadelphia’s Jewish community since 1923, and crowds still come to order from the gleaming pastry cases displaying chewy bagels, ultra-thin lox, and overstuffed knishes. Don’t skip a mile-high, fully-loaded pastrami sandwich — it’s glorious and should be listed in tourist guidebooks alongside the Liberty Bell.

Little Nonna's Pizzeria

If you’re craving homestyle Italian-American food but don’t have a nonna, let Little Nonna’s Pizzeria fill in for you. This neighborhood restaurant has all the comfort food classics, from extra garlicky garlic bread and burrata-topped eggplant parm to grilled branzino and plump meatballs stuffed with oozy cheese. On Sunday’s, there’s even a deliciously meaty Sunday gravy.

Stella Woodrow's Sandwich Shop

Maybe you need to grab a few subs before the big game. Maybe you’re looking for top-tier picnic fare that won’t get soggy in seconds. Or maybe you’re just craving a really good sandwich that doesn’t skimp on the fillings. Whatever your sandwich situation, Stella Woodrow's Sandwich Shop is the solution.


Pizzeria Vetri

Not all pizza is created equal. Pizzeria Vetri’s Neapolitan-style pies are made from just four ingredients—water, flour, yeast, and salt—fermented for four long days for a tangy depth of flavor. Then the dough is wood-fired at a toasty 650 degrees, yielding perfectly chewy crusts with a burnished texture. It’s the perfect canvas for all your favorite pizza toppings.

El Vez

El Vez is one of the biggest names in Philadelphia’s ever-expanding Mexican scene for a reason. The flashy decor and high-octane margaritas double down on fun, while the contemporary Mexican menu delivers unexpected takes on the classics from brunch to dinner. It’s a true celebration spot that also does a great quick taco night.

Sang Kee Asian Bistro

When an urgent dumpling craving hits, Sang Kee Asian Bistro is ready to deliver. This beloved Philly restaurant offers classic American Chinese fare with a modern twist, from soft shrimp wonton soup to a generously portioned, beautifully lacquered roast pork and Peking duck platter.

sang kee

Han Dynasty

Bring on the numbing heat! This mother-son restaurant has built a mini restaurant empire across Philadelphia and New York with the prodigious power of Sichuan spice. Their house-made chili oil isn’t messing around—it imbues everything from dan dan noodles to plump steamed dumplings with a craveable fiery blanket.


Want to eat like the Greeks? Yeeroh uses family recipes for tender chicken gyro, aromatic braised lamb, and other Mediterranean hits, all wrapped up in a perfectly fluffy pita. One bite will transport your taste buds to a sunny vacation, even if you’re stuck inside for the rest of the day.

Dim Sum Garden

No disrespect to bottomless brunch, but the best way to kick off the weekend is with  Shanghai-style dim sum—from Dim Sum Garden, to be specific. Their flaky scallion pancakes and spicy soup dumplings are truly worth getting out of bed to pick up delivery for, but we’d happily eat them for any meal of the day.

Mikado Thai Pepper Restaurant

The Somboonsong family has been operating Mikado Thai Pepper since 1998, but there’s plenty about the neighborhood favorite that feels fresh. There’s something on their wide-reaching Asian menu for everyone, from comforting, coconut milk-spiked tom ka gai to family-style sushi platters. Don’t forget a few glasses of ultra strong Thai iced tea to wash it all down.


Buddakan might be known as a Y2K icon—their New York City location was the site of Carry Bradshaw’s ill fated rehearsal dinner, after all—but the restaurant’s global take on Modern Asian cuisine still has plenty of fans today. The menu has everything from fluffy char siu pork buns to Thai coconut tapioca with guava sorbet.

Rosy's Taco Bar

Can’t make it to Mexico City but still want to eat top-tier tacos? Rosy’s Taco Bar brings the heat, from crispy fried flautas and punchy margaritas to fully-loaded enchiladas. Be careful: Once you eat this food once, you’ll crave it basically 24/7.


Sweet Box Cupcakes

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth without leaving the couch? Sweet Box Cupcakes is what dessert delivery dreams are made of. Bring ‘em to birthday parties, sick friends, or just order a few for yourself to make the weekend that much sweeter. We won’t tell the dentist.

Triangle Tavern

This one goes out to all the hungry vegans in Philadelphia. Triangle Tavern has been an Italian-American institution since 1933, but in recent years, they’ve updated the classic menu with vegan options. Think: Fried and breaded seitan cutlets instead of chicken Parm, and even seitan wings. Omnivores rejoice, there’s still meat, too.

triangle tavern

Tuna Bar

What happens when you mix a Japanese sushi bar with an all-American raw bar? Tuna Bar, the upscale Old City restaurant from owner and executive Chef Kenneth Sze. Here, East Coast oysters sit alongside unagi sashimi and spicy scallop maki. It’s a winning—and delicious—combination.

Bud & Marilyn's

Trying to feed a crowd of indecisive, hungry people? You’re in luck: Bud & Marilyn’s is a true crowd pleaser. If your friends aren’t down for Nashville-style fried chicken, veggie-loaded mac and cheese, or a hearty slab of funfetti cake, well, do you even still want to be friends?

Azie on Main

The family behind Mikado Thai Pepper is back with another hit: Azie on Main. This restaurant celebrates Southeast Asian regional cuisine with a few European influences, as demonstrated in a fiery wasabi Caesar salad. There’s also plenty of raw and grilled fish, from specialty maki to pan-seared Chilean sea bass.

azie on main

Buena Onda

“Buena onda” means good vibes in Mexico, so it’s no surprise that this Baja-style taco joint is all about feel-good food. Counteract the stress of a long day with your favorite tacos, burritos, or bowls, and for an extra dose of comfort, make sure to add the chocolate- or caramel-filled churros.

New Leaf 2 Chinese & Japanese Cuisine

Can’t decide between pad thai and a spicy tuna roll? Get both—and a whole lot more Chinese and Japanese hits—at New Leaf 2. Whoever said you can’t have it all never paired bites of roasted duck noodle soup with hamachi sashimi.

Sancho Pistola's

This Fishtown Mexican restaurant isn’t afraid to lean into unexpected flavors, like pomegranate mango guacamole and spicy tuna guacamole. But don’t fear: They’ve got classic guac too, plus a roster of excellent tacos, nachos, and burritos.


Circles Contemporary Thai

Le Cordon Blue-trained chef Alex Boonphaya and his family have been keeping Philadelphians fed with top-tier Thai food since opening in 2008. Think: Rice noodle stir-fries, ultra aromatic curries, and even fusion creations like Thai burritos, many of which feature produce from local farms.


Fette Sau

Fette sau means “fat pig” in German, so it’s no surprise that this popular barbecue joint goes big on pork. There’s all the classics—smoked brisket, tender pulled pork, St. Louis-style ribs—plus more unexpected offerings like housemade jerky and mustard-spiked German potato salad. Gather a crowd to try it all.

Vietnam Cafe

Vietnam Cafe’s beef brisket pho should go down in history as one of the world’s greatest hangover foods, but their food hits home anytime. There’s claypot-cooked seafood, vermicelli noodle bowls, traditional Vietnamese barbecue, and, of course, phenomenal pho.

Del Rossi's Cheesesteak & Pizza

Philly has plenty of cheesesteak legends, and while Del Rossi’s hasn’t been around as long as some of the other joints, their sandwiches don’t disappoint. Come for chipped beef rib-eye layered with melty cheese and griddled onions, or order a pizza from their well-stocked menu.

del rossi

Spread Bagelry Rittenhouse

Biting into a Montreal-style bagel from Spread is a transformative experience. The chewy exterior! The fluffy interior! The thick layer of cream cheese (make it jalapeño if you’re bold). Order an eggy breakfast sandwich or keep it minimalist—either way, it’ll be delicious. And best of all, you won’t have to leave bed to get in line.

Gran Caffe L'Aquila

Looking to have your Eat, Pray, Love moment? Gran Caffe L’Aquila will send your taste buds on a tour of regional Italy, from beachy Sicily to the rolling hills of Piemonte. There’s morning pastries and espresso, afternoon gelato, and all the pasta you could possibly eat.

Cantina Dos Segundos

This vegan-friendly Northern Liberties taqueria has something for everyone, from vegetable-laden fajitas to decidedly carnivorous bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Don’t miss the plant-based empanadas, which encase soft sweet potatoes and hearty lentils in crispy golden pastry. Also not to be missed: The tequila selection, which boasts over 100 bottles.


Nobody does date night like the French, and nobody in Philly does French food like Parc. The Rittenhouse Square bistro pays tribute to Belle Époque Paris with expertly made steak frites, escargots cooked in nutty hazelnut butter, and glossy French onion soup topped with plenty of melty cheese. It’s the perfect thing to shake up your date night delivery routine.