The Best Steakhouses in Dallas Available for Delivery

Whether it's chopped beef with a baked potato, or togarashi-seasoned strip steak, these are the Dallas steakhouses to try for your next special night in.

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Texans love their beef — and just about everyone has an idea about the best steakhouses in Dallas-Fort Worth. Whether you love your steak in bite-size pieces and fresh off the hibachi grill, dry-aged and served on the bone, or ground into a molten-cheese-stuffed patty, there’s something in town for every meat lover. Here, you’ll find a mix of well-known spots, like global chain Fogo de Chão, and Texas-only faves, like Gloria’s Latin Cuisine and the iconic Charco Broiler Steak House, which has been serving nothing but hits since 1963. To set you straight, we tapped local beef enthusiasts and our app’s most avid steak stans. Scroll on for the best steakhouses in Dallas that are available for delivery and pickup on DoorDash and Caviar.

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille

What started as a Houston butcher shop run by the Perry family in 1979 is now a full-tilt national chain of steakhouses, with one location in Downtown Dallas. Here, the dry-aged beef, as the restaurant's website accurately states, “slices like butter.” The Filet 3 Ways, three medallions of impossibly tender filet mignon individually topped with lump blue crabmeat, covered in peppercorn gravy, and rubbed with a coffee crust, is the ideal introduction. Pork lovers shouldn’t sleep on the monstrous chop — smoked, caramelized, and served with sweet applesauce.

Corrientes 348 Argentinian Steakhouse

For North American beef woven with South American flavors, this Downtown spot should be your go-to. If you never want to eat regular old steak again, try the Wagyu, a prized cut laced with fat and striped with grill marks. While beef is the obvious focus here, don’t miss the empanadas — golden and crispy on the outside, with oozy, molten fillings like leek and mozzarella — or the choripán, a sandwich stuffed with Argentinian chorizo, cheese, and chimichurri aioli.

Fogo de Chão

In 1997, this now-familiar Brazilian steakhouse chain opened its first U.S. location in Dallas — a sort of test kitchen for the national rollout. Now, almost three decades later, it’s a lauded mecca for meat eaters. If you’re feeding a crowd, a pound of fraldinha (ultra-tender bottom sirloin), with sides like creamy garlic mashed potatoes and feijoada, a hearty black bean stew, will keep everyone happy. The linguiça, a type of spicy Brazilian pork sausage that's skewered and grilled until blistered and snappy, is the underdog we’re rooting for.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

When Louisiana businesswoman Ruth Fertel purchased Chris Steak House in New Orleans back in 1965, she found her iconic name: Ruth’s Chris. Since then, the chain has grown to more than 150 locations globally, with two in DFW alone. Expect a perfected wheel, not a reinvented one: Here, you’ll find classic steakhouse hits, like potatoes au gratin with a molten cheese lid, a sculptural wedge salad, and crackly creme brulee for dessert. The rib eye is a must-order, deeply marbled and memorably juicy.

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Ocean Prime

When you want some surf with your turf, the Dallas location of this seafood-forward steakhouse chain is the spot. The New York strip is one of the best in its class. It’s thicker than most cuts and broiled at 1,200°F for a deep brown, caramelized crust and almost unimaginably juicy interior. Load it up with buttery garlic shrimp scampi or a lobster tail, and round out your meal with plump asparagus. You’re not here for the desserts, but you should get the towering carrot cake anyway: This 10-layer beast is held together with cream cheese icing and pineapple syrup.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Since 1993, this has been Dallas’s go-to steakhouse for first dates, anniversaries, and everything in between. The data doesn’t lie: As of 2016, when it took a brief hiatus to move to a new location, Del Frisco’s had served more than half a million eight-ounce hunks of filet mignon. Order one, perfectly crusted, with a side of creamed spinach with smoked bacon. Don’t skip the tender Wagyu meatballs either; they’re served in a moat of tomato fondue so rich and savory it’ll make you wish you were, in fact, the meatballs.

Texas de Brazil

While you won’t have your meat carved couch-side if you order from this Texan-Brazilian mashup, the legendary smoky flavors of gaucho cooking are still big in every bite. A Churrasco Plate is the perfect entry point: The meal includes your choice of flame-grilled meats, bouncy Brazilian cheese bread, two sides (like cinnamon-sugar fried bananas and black beans simmered with beef and garlic), and a zippy chimichurri sauce to pour over everything. Feeding the whole squad? Order a pound of succulent lemon-and-herb-marinated leg of lamb.

Mo' Bettahs Hawaiian Style Food

Not your traditional steakhouse, this Hawaiian-style fast-casual chain opened its first Dallas outpost in 2021, specializing in riffs on the islands’ famous plate lunches. Order a regular plate, and choose from two meat options, such as succulent teriyaki steak and kalua pork, and round things out with creamy macaroni salad and steamed rice. Wash it all down with a cool P.O.G., Hawaii's refreshing passion fruit, orange, and guava juice combo.

Cowboy Cut Steaks To Go

For big portions that’ll make you feel like a rancher eating on the range by a roaring campfire, this is your place. The Texas-born chicken-fried steak, a hunk of hand-battered sirloin that’s crispy on the outside and meltingly soft inside, is a must-order. Self-proclaimed to be “the best in town,” the whopping 16-ounce Salisbury steak — ground Angus beef stuffed with velvety cheddar cheese and smothered in mushroom gravy — will defeat any hunger pangs. 

Mt. Fuji Hibachi Steak House

Here you’ll find some of the best hibachi hits in town. Served with mushroom soup, salad, hibachi vegetables, rice, and house sauces, the Angus filet mignon is a perfect introduction. The beef is cooked on a hot grill until browned and subtly smoky, best eaten with a dab of spicy mayo. For starters, you definitely want the crispy coconut-crusted shrimp with sweet mango sauce.

STK Steakhouse

With restaurants across the U.S. and overseas, this swanky, modern chain opened its first Texas location in November 2022. For a full-on treat-yourself moment, order the 34-ounce dry-aged tomahawk steak: juicy Angus beef that’s tender, packed with umami, grilled to perfection, and perfect for two. Don’t sleep on the golden Parmesan truffle fries, which come stacked like a Jenga tower and showered in cheese.

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The Steakhouse at Cooper’s Meat Market

Since 1997, this beloved local butcher has been slinging some of the best cuts of beef in town. Needless to say, the steakhouse grub is equally fire. The tender prime rib eye, cross-hatched from the grill, will have you picking every last bite off the bone. Doubling as a lush sauce, the house-made creamed spinach is an ideal sidekick for any cut you order. Finish things off with a slice of ultra-moist chocolate cake.

Charco Broiler Steak House

Dallasites have been flocking to this old-school diner-style steakhouse since 1963 — when you could buy a rib eye, one of just three plates served, for less than $1.50. These days, the Cordova family is still serving up decently priced and hearty meals, like the juicy chop steak, served with a baked potato, salad, and crunchy Texas toast. Make sure you tack on the stuffed jalapeños, fried golden and loaded with stretchy cheese.

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine

Gloria Fuentes moved from El Salvador to Texas and opened the doors of her first Dallas restaurant in 1986. Now, her iconic Latin eats can be found in 23 locations across the Lone Star state. The carne asada plate — loaded with marinated and grilled skirt steak, rice, black beans, jammy fried plantains, yuca, and zippy chimichurri sauce — will cure what ails you. Order the steak fajitas, and load up the soft tortillas with refried pinto beans, sour cream, guac, and cheddar.

Kona Grill

With a global menu of hits, this steakhouse chain will have what you want. For a choose-your-own-adventure situation, order the Surf and Turf, and top your rib eye or filet with skewered shrimp, crab Oscar, or a lobster roll. Don’t scroll past the New York strip — seasoned with spicy togarashi seasoning and served with shoyu cream and crispy garlic fingerling potatoes, this one's for the umami lovers.  


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