The Best Sushi for DoorDash Delivery in Detroit

Where to find the brightest poke bowls, most creative rolls, and crunchiest tempura in Detroit and the metro area.

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The best sushi for delivery on DoorDash in Detroit spans the city but is especially concentrated in the surrounding metro area. Detroit’s sushi scene is small but reliable, with local holes-in-the-wall that deliver textbook California rolls and dragon rolls. A few spots have modern menus with changing specials, and we’ve even included a few new poke restaurants that will satisfy a craving for delicate salmon or tuna. Don’t be surprised to find menus that mix sushi and Korean food, deep-fried rolls galore, and even beef carpaccio sushi — Detroit offers an eclectic assortment. 

The Goblin

If you’re within ordering distance of The Goblin in Detroit or Clinton Township, you’ll soon become a regular. The modern spot is a relative newcomer to the city with a simple motto: “We’re different.” The fish arrives at the restaurant whole, and the expert team beautifully butchers it into some of the city’s freshest sashimi. They obsess over properly rinsing and steaming their rice — and hey, details matter. When you see the deep garnet red of that bluefin tuna, you’ll know you came to the right spot.

Poke Poke

Technically this is poke, not sushi, but if you’re on the hunt for reliably fresh raw fish, you’ve found it. Here, it’s served over rice in a bowl that’s nicely crowded with unbruised avocado and fillings like edamame, cucumber, and even pineapple. With fast-casual precision and consistently solid quality, Poke Poke more than deserves its place on this list.

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

The Infatuation pick is an upscale restaurant in Royal Oak where inventive sushi rolls mingle with New York strip steak and chicken katsu. But we’re here for the sushi. Shrimp tempura is the star of the Da Bomb Roll, which lives up to its name with crab, avocado, and a drizzle of spicy mayo. The deep-fried rolls are another crowd-pleaser, encased in crispy seaweed.

Tai Fai

Tai Fai might be Detroit’s hardest-working sushi restaurant. The high-volume, takeout-only spot has tens of thousands of reviews from loyal customers in nearby Oak Park and Ferndale who keep returning for affordable, classic rolls; an unexpected crabmeat-stuffed baked avocado; and even noodle dishes like pad thai.

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is known across the country for its high-end seafood and decadent sushi, which is usually treated as an appetizer at the restaurant. The Prime Roll is draped in paper-thin beef carpaccio — just go with it. Yes, it’s expensive, but if you’re aiming to do it up for dinner in or around Troy, Ocean Prime is hard to top.


Wasabi is a homey, no-frills Japanese and Korean restaurant with popular wasabi shumai (not as hot as you’d expect), a Crazy Girl Roll (a deep-fried crab-salad roll drizzled with eel sauce, a must-order), and all-caps “VERY SPICY” tteokbokki. Vegetarian? The fried sweet potato roll will become a new favorite.

Nami Sushi

Nami is a newcomer in Dearborn that began as a food truck. The sushi is pristinely presented in modern packaging, and it might be the only place in Detroit where you can find omusubi (rice balls with the filling of your choice). Start every order with the Catch the Wave Tartare, in which raw salmon is dressed in a bright soy-Dijon-yuzu sauce you’ll lick from the bowl after you’ve devoured all the nori crackers.


Sushihana in Bloomfield Township easily has some of the best sushi available for delivery in Detroit. The quality of the fish is exceptional, and the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability is admirable; to see that in action, get the chef’s selection to sample an array of rarer fish. There are lovely vegetarian options, a killer katsu, and delightful takoyaki — also a rarity!

Wow Sushi

Don’t complicate things at Wow Sushi, a top-rated sushi restaurant in Troy with reliable spicy tuna rolls, gyoza, and, of course, the Yum Yum Roll, which is packed with tuna, salmon, eel, crab, and avocado. Splurge the extra 75 cents for a side of spicy mayo sauce, which pairs well with any tempura roll.

Kaku Sushi & Poke

In Birmingham, Kaku’s modern and fresh poke bowls pop with magenta-hued ahi tuna that’s smartly paired with crispy garlic, tender edamame, and wisps of hijiki seaweed. Or you can devise your own bowl of poke and customize to your heart’s desire ( … your heart’s desire for tempura crunch). The sushi rolls are tried-and-true classics, like eel and cucumber, but the poke is more fun.

Sushi Neko

Sushi Neko is a hidden gem in Rochester Hills, with tidy sushi rolls that are “always fresh,” just as the sign outside promises. The rolls are uncomplicated and affordable — think barbecue eel with avocado and cucumber — and the hearty bowls make a satisfying meal.

Cafe Sushi

Cafe Sushi is a mainstay in Troy for comfort sushi: rainbow rolls, eel-sauce-covered caterpillar rolls, and endless California rolls. (If it ain’t broke!) The specialty rolls give the people what they want, which is lots of crunch. Try the Acapulco Roll, filled with panko-breaded shrimp, avocado, and cream cheese, to make the most of it.

Black Pine Tree

Black Pine Tree in Southgate is a downriver staple, best known for its Obama Roll: crab, avocado tempura, and cucumber that’s torched and topped with fried potato shavings. Not sure what all that has to do with the former president of the United States, but we do know it’s delicious. If you’re especially hungry tonight, get the pork katsu, too. 

Sushi Zone

A popular pickup spot in Eastpointe, Sushi Zone is a temple of tempura. There’s a whole section of the menu dedicated to tempura rolls, plus vegetable tempura as an app. You can even add “deep fry” to any roll (find this as a distinct add-on alongside the sauces), and they’ll drop it in the fryer. Crispy sushi lovers, this place is for you.

BahDah Sushi

BahDah is beloved in Royal Oak as much for its creative sushi rolls as its bibimbap, with solid lunch bento deals. The menu mixes sushi with Korean classics, and the best order does the same, with a frizzled-edge vegetable pancake as an appetizer, chicken gangjeong to share, and plenty of sauce-covered special rolls.