The Most Popular Sushi Restaurants in Portland

From hand rolls and sashimi to donburi and nigiri, Portland has a thriving sushi scene.

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sushi sapporo

Sushi has it all in our book. You can order for one or 20, it travels so well it feels like it was invented for delivery, and it’s delicious. And despite being seafood-centric, most sushi restaurants in Portland have ample selections for vegans and vegetarians. Check out some of the best sushi restaurants in Portland, and discover your new favorites.

Sushi Sapporo (Washington St.)

For more than 20 years, the chefs at Sushi Sapporo have been serving fresh, healthful, and, thankfully, affordable sushi. If you love rolls, this is the place — there are more than 40 on the menu. We always pick something off the Green Plates menu, like the cucumber salad, and then order a bunch of rolls. The colorful dragon roll with tempura shrimp and crab salad topped with eel, avocado, masago, and teriyaki sauce always makes the cut. The salmon collar is our go-to pick for a hot dish.

Rollin' Fresh

Billed as the sushi burrito of the PNW, Rollin’ Fresh marries two of our beloved cuisines. They’re more than “sushiritos,” though; you can also order any of their creations as a poke bowl or a poke salad. Whatever you choose as your main, don’t skip a side (or two) of musubi, which comes in a variety of fillings: Spam, chicken katsu, fried tofu, fried avocado, or Spam and krab.

Oishii Mika Sushi

This downtown spot serves straightforward sushi fare with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. The extensive menu has a roll for every appetite — classic rolls, hand rolls, tempura rolls, specialty rolls — they even offer half a dozen mini rolls. The deep-fried calamari and crab rangoon are excellent starters, and the nigiri and sashimi deserve your attention. The salmon and tuna platters are budget-friendly and come with miso soup and a salad.

Fujiyama Sushi Bar & Grill

Located in southeast PDX, Fujiyama Sushi Bar & Grill offers the best of both worlds — all things sushi plus teppanyaki grill selections, like teriyaki chicken. The rolls are a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach. The Sin City — seared tuna and tempura shrimp wrapped in tamago, deep fried and topped with real crab, their special Timmy sauce (aka orange sauce), and spicy mayo — always makes the cut in our cart. If the Eastport Plaza location doesn’t deliver to you, note that there’s a second location on SE Washington St.

Mirakutei Sushi & Ramen

In 2011, sushi chef Hiro Ikegaya opened Mirakutei as a Japanese tapas, ramen, and sushi bar and created a sushi lover’s magnet in the Industrial District. He passed the reins to sushi chefs and brothers Nicolas and Job Martinez a few years back, and they continue Ikegaya’s legacy of quality today. We go hot and cold here, culinarily speaking, ordering a bracing bowl of tonkotsu and chasing it with tender slices of sashimi.

Mikasa Sushi and Ramen

This St. John’s sushi and ramen restaurant opened its doors in 2019. Chef Fransis Odaya, formerly of Bamboo Sushi, is at the helm, and his focus is on serving fine fare at a fair price. There are five different types of ramen with an option for gluten-free noodles for those with sensitivities. Along with steaming bowls of noodles, Mikasa has a full sushi menu as well as poke bowls.

Momiji Sushi Restaurant

Momiji opened in 2010 as a five-tables-and-a-bar spot in NE Salem and has since grown to multiple locations in the heart of Oregon. They offer a blend of traditional and outside-the-box Japanese cuisine to “satisfy the void that we all call hunger.” The beginner sushi platter is an excellent pick for newbies and longtime sushi lovers alike. With eight different rolls included, like a spicy tuna roll, it’s a steal with 68 pieces for just $62.

Lets Roll PDX

Let’s Roll would like you to get a grip and drop the sticks. Founded in 2017 by native Portlander Spencer Piller, Let’s Roll strived to make sushi-on-the-go a reality by marrying it with the convenience of a burrito. And, if you’re not yoked to true finger food, there is excellent poke as well.

Sushi Hana

Live the deep-fried sushi roll dream at this locally owned, family-run restaurant group. The straightforward rolls are great; no notes. But rolls with deep-fried ingredients are next-level. We can’t resist the spider roll with deep-fried soft-shell crab, crab salad, avocado, cucumber, and masago; it’s a masterpiece.

Sushi Village

Sushi Village sounds like the kind of neighborhood we want to live in. Same? We’ll happily settle for this stellar restaurant. Rolls are categorized in colors — green, blue, red, yellow, and purple. The seared salmon roll (blue!) deserves all the hype, and the ubiquitous California roll gets a deep-fried twist here that we can’t resist. We like to wrap things up with one of their very fine mochi desserts.

Mizu Sushi

This is local sushi made right. Known for their generous portions, Mizu creates complex combinations of flavors and textures that keep us ordering on a pretty regular basis. The crunchy roll is the perfect example of their ability to deliver a singular experience in a single bite. A fish of your choice is wrapped in avocado, cucumber, and krab, and crowned with crunchy onion, eel sauce, and a spicy sauce for a perfectly balanced roll.

Sushi Mioga

Fuss-free sushi is always on the menu at Sushi Mioga. But that doesn’t mean the chefs don’t pack a serious punch into every roll. The Phoenix roll, with cream cheese, tempura salmon, and avocado is topped with spicy crabmeat, masago, and spicy sauce that keeps us coming back for more. There are Japanese entrées and starters, and we always order an eel hand roll to eat as soon as our order arrives at our door.

Nikki Sushi & Steak

Surf and turf is luxe as it is, but it gets a hibachi twist at Nikki by way of an expertly cooked filet. But first things first: Nikki serves fried squid that features the tentacles, which are inarguably the best part. Pick out some sashimi and a roll or two — the deep-fried spicy crispy tuna roll is legendary — and click on a hibachi selection as well. We love the steak, but a combo option will help if you and yours are facing a split decision.

Momo Sushi & Grill

You love sushi, but maybe one of your friends doesn’t. We understand. That’s why we love ordering Momo. They have first-rate sushi, but they also serve an epic array of dishes that will please virtually anyone in your party. Your friend will have their pick of noodles, grilled entrées, izakaya offerings, stir-fries, ramen, and more, while you scratch your itch for fantastic sushi.

Toki Sushi and Teriyaki

Sushi fans have put this Oregon City spot on everyone’s radar. The focus here is freshness, and they’ve nailed it. There are some off-the-beaten-path options on the menu — and we’re here for it. The humble house roll with cucumber, tuna, carrot, and creamy crab is a master class in simple elegance. A crowd-pleasing place, Toki also serves yakitori, udon, ramen, and tempura.

Sushi Valley

Another Oregon City standout, Sushi Valley has all the rolls you’ve come to love — and then some. The inari — sushi rice wrapped in sweet fried tofu skin — is the only way we start our orders here. We chase that with seared salmon with eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise, and sesame seeds, and then go on a bit of a roll with, well, rolls. The Lion King roll deserves its spot on the list of most popular dishes.

Sushi Zen

Sushi Zen had us at baked lobster roll. It has lobster, real crab, and a sauce that deserves another superlative besides “special.” This Beaverton restaurant has almost every variety of roll, but they go beyond sushi. Bento boxes, ramen, and udon are also on the menu and should not be ignored. The starters are satisfying as well, especially the jalapeño tempura stuffed with cream cheese, crab, and spicy salmon.


Located in Hillsboro, O’Sushi is the ideal place for building your perfect plate. The small dishes mean you can order almost anything you crave and the bill won’t give you sticker shock. The salmon kama — deep-fried salmon collar — seems to magically find its way into all our orders, but we mix it up here, working our way through the menu each time to uncover a new hidden gem, like the Rainbow roll with krab salad and cucumber, topped with salmon, tuna, ebi, and avocado.