How to Order Delivery for Optimal Deliciousness

No more droopy salads or soggy wings.


If you thought that nothing could be easier than ordering delivery pizza or an abundant salad through DoorDash, you’d be right. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t useful insider tips for making the most out of your order. With a little knowledge, you can help ensure, for example, that your fried chicken will remain gorgeously crispy and not arrive a sad, soggy mess. (Pro tip: even if it does, a few minutes in the air fryer can restore it to its former glory).

Our experts break down why packaging matters, dish on how to order with the journey from restaurant kitchen to your home in mind, and advise on choosing a delivery restaurant that gets the transport of its food just right. There’s no shame in asking for a few special requests. For example, if you’re going to order a salad now and enjoy it later, keeping nuts or croutons separate will guarantee that they stay nice and crunchy.

Dig into these articles on how to order food delivery like the pros to make the most out of your grilled cheese, wings, and whatever delicacy you decide to order next. They’ll help you enjoy the perfect flavor and texture, from the first bite to the next day’s leftovers.