Dadfluencer Blake Kasemeier Shares His Holiday Gift List

This dad knows what he’s buying this holiday season.

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Content creator and internet storyteller Blake Kasemeier spends a lot of time glorifying “the un-magnificent lives of adults,” as the band The National lyricizes. The father of two also writes a highly personal Substack, focusing on daily moments large and small; and shares an online life that weaves together humor, kindness, and the banality of being a grown-up. What does a storyteller dad look for when it comes to holiday shopping?

Here are some of Blake’s favorite giftable things for 2023. 

What is your go-to holiday gift for… 

…Santa’s stockings? 

Kinder Eggs are the best. They taste good. There’s a toy. It’s a whole event. It occupies time. 

the kid who has everything? 

Lego 3-in-1 kits are super fun. You get to experience the world through your kid’s eyes again. 

…a holiday party host? 

I don’t drink, so I always like to bring a non-alcoholic beverage. I’m a big fan of Liquid Death, which is sparkling water that’s targeted toward 30-somethings who probably went to Warped Tour and are half-asleep, which is the category that I fall into. 

Secret Santa? 

Chopping garlic and peeling garlic is tedious and a barrier to entry. Fresh garlic really levels-up any dish that you’re about to make. And so, a garlic press: pop the garlic in there, squeeze it, and then your garlic is done. 

…new parents?

When kids are teething, it’s really intense, because they can’t communicate, and you don’t know what works or what doesn’t work. The Fridababy Not-Too-Cold-To-Hold teether is nice because it has a little handle for them, so their hands don’t get cold. 

…fellow Peloton enthusiasts? 

The Sip by ’Swell Water Bottle. When you have an activity that maybe you resent a little bit, the more fun stuff you can buy to make it interesting, the better. A water bottle that you really like? I’m a big fan. I also like getting nice towels to use. 

…someone who lost someone recently? 

Terry’s Orange Flavored Dark Chocolate. My [late] mom and I always used to have dark chocolate oranges during our holidays, and my wife makes sure that those are still around. 

…yourself (and others like you)?

Every Christmas, as a kid, my grandma bought me socks. And then there was one Christmas where she didn’t buy me socks. I was devastated because that was the Christmas I realized I really needed socks. So if you are an adult, buy yourself that grandma gift. 

…kids and parents with limited storage space? 

We’re going all-in on a Hot Wheels track, which is a nice toy, because it’s a toy that is a home for all the other toys

…someone you just met? 

DoorDash gift card. Food goes a long way for people. Something as simple as a DoorDash gift card is pretty clutch for people who you just meet. You don’t have to know a ton about them, but everybody has to eat. 

…someone you haven’t seen in years? 

The moment I ponied up and purchased a meat thermometer, my life changed. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Blake Kasemeier