Deliciously Indulgent Places to Get Desserts Delivered

Satisfy your sweet tooth, wherever you are.

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Cav Blog - Madhu

An over-the-top dessert is the best way to celebrate a special occasion — or just the fact that you made it through the week. Luckily, it’s never been easier to get a bounty of top-tier desserts from all-star bakeries, ice creameries, and cheesecakeries (it’s a thing!) across the country. Here are seven of the best, shipping directly to your doorstep right now. 

Madhu Chocolate

Looking to go beyond the classic box of chocolates? These small-batch chocolate makers based in Austin, Texas, enlist spices and nuts to craft unforgettable chocolate bars with Indian-inspired flavors. The all-star bar lineup includes aromatic rose pistachio, warming Idukki black pepper, and creamy coconut milk cashew. Pair these confections with a hot cocoa or masala chai gift set for a truly memorable afternoon tea.

Cav Blog - Magnolia

Magnolia Bakery

If the idea of plunging a spoon into a vat of creamy banana pudding doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, you haven’t tried Magnolia Bakery’s. The iconic New York dessert mecca may have won fame for their cupcakes, but their humble banana pudding is a sleeper hit, layering fresh banana slices with vanilla wafers and cloud-like vanilla pudding for a deservedly iconic bite. Both the pudding and cupcakes are now available for nationwide shipping, and if the choice feels too difficult, you could opt for a sampler pack of cupcakes and pudding.

Spots NYC 

Who needs a greeting card when you can literally say it with sweets? Spots NYC tops their moist mini cupcakes with a wide variety of candy greetings, from “thank you” and “get well soon” to “I love you.” You can even keep it vague with emojis and let the red velvet, fudgy chocolate, or Funfetti do the talking.

 Cav Blog - Morgenstern's

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Even the person who has everything would welcome a special delivery from one of New York’s most beloved small-batch ice cream makers. (Because, do you really have everything if you don’t have a freezer stocked with salted egg yolk ice cream?) Build a custom four-pack or six-pack with familiar pints like peanut butter cup and mint chip, or mix things up with more unique flavors like Vietnamese coffee rum, durian banana, and, yes, pineapple salted egg yolk. For a truly special occasion, opt for a festive seven-inch burnt honey vanilla ice cream cake, topped with shards of crunchy honeycomb, honey drizzle, and honey whipped cream.

Chocolate and the Chip

If you’re trying to send some extra sweetness to the gluten-free or vegan folks in your life, try these impossibly soft and chewy cookies. The small-batch bakery was founded by Lola Marie, who got her start selling signature chocolate chip cookies on Etsy. Now, the LA-based business offers dietary-friendly options alongside ones made with the classic gluten and butter. Stock your own 12- (or 24-) count box with Funfetti chocolate chip and salted caramel pistachio crinkle cookies, and keep a glass of cold (oat) milk close by.