DIYer Kayla Simone Has Great, Practical Holiday Gift Ideas

Painter’s tape? Actually a very good idea.

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DIY content creator Kayla Simone is adept with a power tool, and she wants her followers to be, too. Simone, who is based in Texas, has curated a list of her favorite DIY-centric gifts that include screwdrivers, headlamps, and, yes, wine openers (you deserve a reward for assembling furniture!).

Below, check out Kayla Simone’s best shoppable picks of 2023, all of which are available on DoorDash

What is your go-to holiday gift for… 

…the DIY-er who does a lot of heavy lifting?

Biofreeze Cool the Pain menthol patches. It’s a nice bit of TLC after a long day of hard work. 

the friend who is always repainting the apartment?

Blue painter’s tape. It gives you clean paint lines every time. Every DIY-er knows what it’s like to run out of paint in the middle of a project. 

…the all-purpose DIY-er?

The Johnson Level 85’ Distance Measure Laser makes measuring easier. It can fit into spaces where your tape measure can’t, and you don't have to remember your measurement. 

…the DIY-er stocking?

Pampers Unscented Baby Wipes. You can use them to wipe up paint. You can use them to smooth caulk. They just come in handy. 

the builder?

A quadrille ruled perforated pad is perfect for jotting down your cut list, for planning out your projects, and for drawing your build plan. 

…the DIY-er who is always outside? 

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream keeps your hands soft and moisturized. 

…the beginner DIY-er?

The DeWALT Maxfit Telescoping Ratcheting Screwdriver Set is a great beginner set and perfect for those starting the DIY journey. 

…the established DIY-er?

We’re always losing drill bits, so it’s nice to have a full pack when you need it. 

…the after-hours DIY-er?

A headlamp. Sometimes you need both hands for what you’re doing, so you put the headlamp on. Problem solved!

…any DIY-er who has ever had to interact with build-your-own furniture?

The Samsonico Automatic Wine Opener. You’ve got to reward yourself with some wine!