Gifts That Ship Nationwide

Cheese plates, healing crystals, iconic pizzas, and more

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Did you know that we deliver beyond your neighborhood, beyond your city, even beyond your state? Perhaps to your quirky sister-in-law, your bookkeeper, or your college bestie. That’s right: we deliver nationwide. 

Most everyone appreciates a unique food gift, and we have those in spades. But there’s also farm-fresh flowers, esoteric ice cream flavors, and hand-carved wooden slabs, ideal for charcuterie. In a couple of clicks, you’ll be checking every last giftee off your list and absolutely nailing every single present. Here are nine ideas for using DoorDash and Caviar to send a last-minute (perfect!) gift. 


Anthonino's Taverna

Brothers Anthony and Rosario Scarato are behind St. Louis’s beloved Greek-Italian spot Anthonino’s. Both influences make a delicious appearance on their gyro pizza. Gift that along with some toasted ravioli, which earned Anthonino’s a feature on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Antico Pizza Napoletana

If you can’t make it to Atlanta to snag a pie from the celeb-fave Antico Pizza Napoletana, send a box of four to a lucky friend. Their classic Margherita features a crisp crust topped with San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, garlic, and basil — an absolutely perfect rendition of a classic. 

Arthur Avenue Wood-Fired Pizza

Sometimes simple is brilliant, which is true of this wood-fired pizza. The restaurant, in New York’s suburban Westchester County, pays homage to the iconic street in the Bronx “Little Italy.”  Favorites include the eggplant Parmigiana pizza and the sausage pizza, both made with a crispy-on-the-outside, pillowy-on-the-inside hand-tossed crust. 

Di Fara Pizza

There’s almost always a long line at Brooklyn’s Di Fara Pizza, opened in 1965 by Domenico DeMarco, or "Dom," who came to New York from Caserta in Southern Italy. Dom sadly passed this year, but his destination-worthy pie lives on. Fresh buffalo mozzarella, fior di latte, and Parmigiano-Reggiano create cheesy balance atop crisp Neapolitan-style crust. It’s sprinkled with scissor-cut basil from the DeMarco family garden, the precise way it’s been done for generations. 

Di Fara


Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

A New York City original, Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream ships and delivers its ice cream on the regular, and with flavors like Cardamom Lemon Jam, Thin Mints ’n’ Chocolate, and Hazelnut Caramel, that’s a good thing. Morgenstern’s doesn’t just churn out ice cream of the finest quality, as its name promises; it also works in unexpected ingredients and playful combinations. Think Toasted Rice Yuzu Swirl, Tahini ’n’ Jelly, and Olive Oil Chocolate Eggplant. Enough said.

Double Rainbow Ice Cream

This family-owned and -operated ice cream shop on Castro Street in San Francisco has been a neighborhood gem for more than 45 years, and their location in Emeryville ships nationwide. Vegan ice cream lovers are in luck — there are two multipacks of vegan selections. The dairy classics come in flavors like chocolate and vanilla malt, peanut butter and jelly, and strawberry cheesecake, and the Holiday Hits pack includes Perfectly Pumpkin, French vanilla, and dulce de leche.

Double rainbow ice cream


BOKAY Flowers

From fourth-generation florists, BOKAY hand-designs farm-fresh flowers for stunning, simple gifts. In addition to their popular bouquets, you can build your own flower arrangement: Pick out the flowers, colors, greenery, and every little detail, and the BOKAY florists will bring your vision to life. 

FlowerFix by FiftyFlowers

Liza Roeser, CEO and founder of FiftyFlowers, began working with flowers during her time in the Peace Corps. Now she works directly with farmers to ensure her bouquets are super fresh and sustainably grown. We especially love her luxe green wreaths, ideal for gifting around the holidays. 

In Succulent Love

Jessica Cain, owner of San Diego’s In Succulent Love, started her business as a hobby. She just really loves succulents, and her whimsical arrangements make ideal gifts. Her DIY Crafting Kits are ideal for that DIY or garden-loving friend. There are also hard-to-find plants, like the cheerfully colored Syngonium Neon Pink, which would make a spot-on housewarming gift. 

POMP Flowers

POMP Flowers works with family farms in the South American cities of Quito, Bogota, and Medellín to source gorgeous blooms. Proximity to the equator and plenty of sun are their secret ingredients for long-stemmed roses with supersaturated colors. 



Preassembled Boarderie’s cheese-and-charcuterie boards arrive all ready for your giftees to graze their hearts out. Abundance is the game, with cheese, salami, olives, nuts, jams, and flatbreads all arranged on acacia wood trays. Boarderie leans into fun, funky cheeses like fig goat milk cheese, Madagascar bourbon vanilla cheddar, and creamy Ubriacone studded with aromatic truffles, plus unexpected accompaniments like crystallized Thai ginger, everything-seasoned cashews, and sparkling Prosecco cordials. We love a fancy cheese plate that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Slow Table

Slow Table’s serving boards are made by artisans in the U.S. from single pieces of highest-grade walnut, so each one is completely unique. They’re crafted to last a lifetime; they just need to be oiled every so often with food-grade mineral oil. You can order up that serving board on its own or laden with goodies. The Fireside Chats plate includes cornichons, olives, a chocolate bar, Robiola cheese, truffled salami, and more. 



Bar & Cocoa

In 2015, Bar & Cocoa set out to make bean-to-bar chocolate easily accessible with a chocolate subscription service, and they just kept growing. Now they work directly with more than 70 chocolate makers from more than 40 countries. (They’re based in Denver but do a whole lot of traveling.) Take a chocolaty spin around the globe by way of the Chocolate Bars of the World Gift Box, which may include goodies like Domori Trinitario 70% Dark Chocolate, grown in Tanzania from the cooperative Kokoa Kamili, or Omnom Lakkrís + Sea Salt Chocolate. This bar starts with a mix of Persian licorice and caramelized white chocolate, then gets sprinkled with salt crystals straight from Westfjords of Iceland. 

Midunu Chocolates

Made with Ghanaian cocoa by women chocolatiers, Midunu’s beautiful truffles capture the terroir of West Africa with seasonal teas, tisanes, and complex spice blends. Their bars are made through a traditional method of fermenting cocoa beans in plantain and banana leaves, which instills a unique flavor and layers of depth. Midunu translates to “let’s eat” in Ewe, and you’ll want to eat these chocolate truffles with bright West African designs slowly, as they’re exquisite. 




Skin care meets magic with Badgurlgoodies, a crystal-infused, cruelty-free, vegan beauty line. You probably know exactly which friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend will appreciate the Lunar Babe Shimmer Crystal-Infused Body Oil, a glittery, moisturizing multipurpose body oil, or the Self-Love Club Crystal-Infused Body Butter, swirled with amethyst, both packaged with plenty of sparkles. 

Compassion Rocks Jewelry

This pretty jewelry is crafted for a good cause: Founder Carey Rocha donates a portion of every sale to support survivors of violent crime. Her beautiful, simple bracelets are handmade in Redlands, California, and lovingly gift-wrapped. 

The Crystalary

Green aventurine is the stone of abundance and career success. Rose quartz is the stone of love for self and others. Blue apatite helps with self-control and confidence. This women- and veteran-owned rock shop in Cincinnati has consciously sourced gems for every mood and personality. 

New Insights Metaphysical Boutique

Sometimes the best gifts are physical objects, but other times they’re metaphysical. Try Newtown, Connecticut–based New Insights for presents like crystal waterfall mobiles, ritual gypsy sage wands, and moon phase wildflower seed planting sets for healing, peaceful energy. 

Vinas Healing Crystals

These tumbled gems and rough stones are a different sort of crystal from the smooth, shiny stones you often see. Vinas Healing Crystals offers collections for all sorts of purposes, including a Love & Protection Bundle with black tourmaline, rose quartz, and quartz crystal point. 


Nordic Catch

Sourced from the cleanest, coldest ocean waters around Iceland, Nordic Catch’s sashimi-grade salmon is something special. Nigiri sushi kits come with fresh Icelandic salmon filets, sushi rice, wasabi, ginger, chopsticks, and instructions for crafting a delicious sushi night in. Their gravlax is made in Iceland with plenty of sea salt, brown sugar, fennel, and dill — a luxurious gift. 

Sip & Bite Crab Cakes

The Sip & Bite Diner, a Baltimore landmark since 1948, is famous for its fat crab cakes that are made with sweet crab and not much else. A tub of luxurious crab cake mix comes ready to shape and broil, bake, or sauté. With one taste, you’ll understand why the recipe hasn’t changed since 1948. Pair with National Bohemian Beer (colloquially, Natty Boh) for a true taste of Baltimore. 

San Pedro Fish Market

For four generations, family-owned and -operated San Pedro Fish Market has been serving up California’s freshest seafood, which they source daily, mostly in gigantic piles. Their signature dish is the World-Famous Shrimp Tray, a mountain of succulent jumbo shrimp roasted with  onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and potatoes, drizzled with soybean butter, and served alongside garlic bread. 



Aroma Ridge Coffee Roasters

Aroma Ridge’s roastmasters, known lovingly as Baba and Mama, have been roasting beans in Marietta, Georgia, for 20 years. For those who are into flavored coffee, their sweet, smooth butterscotch toffee will make you feel like you are riding in your grandma's purse … in the best possible way. 

Nobletree Coffee

Each detail is tended to at Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Nobletree Coffee, starting with well-nourished soil from sustainable, family-owned farms and ending with artisanal small-batch roasting and grinding. Don't sleep on the Nobletree Royal Roast Majestic Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, with its rich aroma, subtle sweetness, and notes of caramel and fruity chocolate.  

Partners Coffee

Partners Coffee, a specialty shop based out of Brooklyn, sources and roasts flavorful beans. They also sell cold brew, instant coffee that’s actually good, and delicious teas (Moroccan mint, lemon ginger). The coffee-and-tea bundle makes a stylish, delicious gift. 

Partners Coffee


Baum Designs

Tell it like it is with a Baum Designs candle, in honest scents such as You're, Like, Really Hard to Shop For and I Love You, Even Though You Snore Like a Bear. They’re made with all-American soy, and they’re toxin-free, so they burn clean and long. 

Rustic Zebra Boutique

This Texas company turns any home into a spa for at least a moment with their boxes full of self-care goodies, like organic body scrubs, bath bombs, and hand-poured candles. These are brilliant for the hard-to-gift-for, whether that’s a teacher or a coworker. Everything is made in their Texas studio with eco-friendly ingredients, like American-grown soy wax.

Photo credits courtesy of Boarderie, Di Fara Pizza, Double Rainbow courtesy of Dane Deaner, Midunu, Partners Coffee