All the Michelin-Starred Restaurants on DoorDash

This is no ordinary takeout.

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The ethos behind the Michelin Guide star rating system is to uncover the restaurants worth traveling for. But what if those Michelin-starred restaurants could travel to you? There are a select number of Michelin-starred restaurants on Doordash that do just that in New York, California, and Florida. Expect high-caliber cooking, uncompromising quality, and beautiful plating. For an especially nice night in, these one-star Michelin restaurants truly deliver.

New York City

Joji Box


In an ingenious maneuver, Jōji, a Michelin-starred omakase spot in Brooklyn, offers a “Jōji Box” on DoorDash. The menu features curated omakase and chirashi boxes, rolls, and even a “tuna flight” of their coveted fresh fish, most of which is imported from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market. The tidy packaging feels like a jewel box, revealing the treasures within — grocery store sushi this definitely isn’t. 



On Tuesday through Thursday, Tuome’s stunning Chinese-inspired menu is available on DoorDash. Crafted by Eleven Madison Park alum chef Thomas Chen, think piles of snow crab on dashi butter-slicked noodles; a simple broccoli side that explodes with flavorful fermented shallots, garlic, and chili oil; and exclusive noodle kits for those with DashPass (get the Pig Out kit with succulent Berkshire pork). Tuome’s duck fat-cooked rice, studded with bits of Chinese sausage, will ruin you for all other rice.



You’ll have to turn the lights down very low and turn the music very up to recreate the swank Korean steakhouse ambiance of Cote at home, but the grilled Wagyu? It’ll be just as good. Like the restaurant, this is impressive takeout whether you’re alone (the pile of glazed short ribs in the Galbi bowl does the trick) or sharing (start with the Cote Feast and then add on with abandon). On a sick day at home, the fragrant and spicy kimchi stew is the cure to whatever ails you.



The creative, wide-reaching Mexican menu at Oxomoco is pared down to the best of the best for DoorDash. Think smoky lamb barbacoa burritos, aioli-drizzled potatoes, and the grilled Caesar salad (topped with a mountain of cotija snow). Bonus points if you order the fresh blue corn masa to make your own tortillas.



Tsukimi’s Japanese tasting menu is only available in the restaurant, but their impeccable sake, Japanese beer, and wine list are on DoorDash for those who want an elevated option for a night in. If money is no object, get Hakkaisan Awa, a sparkling sake with bubbles that barely tickle the nose and a delicate, sunny flavor.



This intimate yakitori counter in the East Village keeps finicky hours, so if you can time it right, you should snag a bento box on DoorDash. Open the box to reveal the smoky scent of the grill’s​​ Binchotan charcoal, a white charcoal traditionally used in Japanese cooking, and you’ll be greeted by deliciously skewered treats like kombu-poached chicken, succulent chicken meatballs, and moon-like rounds of charred zucchini. 

Los Angeles



The sleek, French food at Camphor proves that when you put “le” in front of things, they do indeed taste better — especially le burgers, which are what the restaurant offers for delivery on DoorDash along with a goes-with-everything radicchio caesar salad. When you sink into Le Double Cheeseburger, its well-tanned bun squishes down like memory foam while a handful of caramelized onions escape out the side. A beautiful mess. 

Northern California

The Village Pub (Woodside, CA)


Some nights you deserve duck leg confit from the comfort of your own home, and on those nights the Village Pub fulfills the need (with a side of French fries to drag through the sauce, please). The restaurant serves a cozy-yet-refined menu and is fittingly famous for its pub burger (served on a butter-glistening English muffin), and high-flying wine list, from which it offers three nightly selections on DoorDash.

Selby’s (Redwood City, CA)


The food at Selby’s echoes the restaurant’s leather and velvet-clad Old Hollywood glamor with sauce-smothered steak au poivre, giant wedge salads, and burgers as big as your head. But there’s a fresh, modern feel to it, with an emphasis on ingredients sourced from a local farm. Wash it all down with a sturdy California cab, and save room for a “slab” of chocolate cake, as the Michelin reviewers describe it. 


Boia De


At Boia De, a playful, Italian-ish spot with a facade marked simply by a neon exclamation point, the tables tend to fill when doors open. But on DoorDash, the popular restaurant shares its fabulous food on Sandwich Sundays, with, yes, a menu of only sandwiches — damn good sandwiches, stuffed with buttery mortadella and spicy coppa, housemade aioli, and piles of pickles.



Technically, it’s The Den at Azabu, a speakeasy-style omakase spot in a private room within the larger Azabu restaurant, that has the Michelin star. Arguably, the sushi at Azabu is sourced with the same intentionality, so we’re letting this one slide a little. Stock up on rolls and spicy tuna crispy rice, splurge on Wagyu gyoza, and don’t ignore the grilled section, where the simplicity of a piece of charred yellowtail collar with ponzu dipping sauce will turn your day around.