Buzzy NYC Spots New to DoorDash in 2022

Order from these hot spots stat.

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New York City is full of buzzworthy restaurants, and lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork for you to track them down. Here are 25 NYC restaurants — some brand-new, others established — that are new to the DoorDash platform in 2022. Order from them now and enjoy some of the most talked-about New York dishes right from the comfort of your home.


Greenpoint’s Oxomoco opened in 2018 and remains one of the most talked-about spots in New York. (The restaurant earned the neighborhood its first Michelin star.) Mexican cuisine reigns supreme at this hot spot, where you can — and should — order a lamb barbacoa burrito with red rice, black beans, zucchini, watercress, squash blossoms, salsa pipicha, and cilantro. The compelling vegan beet “chorizo” burrito is equally worth it: It’s stuffed with rice, beans, guac, and crispy potato and comes with coconut crema, salsa a las brazas, and cilantro.

Empellon Taqueria

Located in the West Village, Alex Stupak’s ever-busy taqueria opened in 2011 but only arrived on Caviar in 2022. That means you can finally order the adobo-rubbed, griddled steak tacos which come with caramelized onions, salsa verde, salsa roja, crema, and chopped lettuce. The shredded pork carnitas tacos are also a hit; they come with salsa verde, crema, onion, and cilantro. Empellón serves an epic plate of nachos, which arrive deconstructed for the best possible crunchiness, with queso, chorizo, pinto beans, pico de gallo, crema, salsa verde, salsa roja, and salsa árbol alongside excellent tortilla chips.


This Caviar Exclusive, which opened in 2021 in the Park South Hotel, is dedicated to barbecue and live-fire cooking. Chef Bryce Shuman’s delectable creations include smoked black pepper–maple Duroc pork ribs served with coleslaw; grilled sweet chile chicken wings; and a host of perfectly charred pizzas, including the sweet sopressata with fior di latte mozzarella and fresh marjoram. Opt for a side of stone-ground cornbread with honey butter, of course, to satisfy that sweet tooth.


Agi's Counter

Crown Heights’ Agi’s Counter opened in 2021, and now it’s available on Caviar, too. There’s much to love about this Caviar Staff Pick, including the Ferdinand buns (soft vanilla-butter snail-shaped pastries), open-faced tea sandwiches cheekily named Duran/Duran after the ’80s band, and SLT sandwiches (the “S” is for szalonna, a type of Hungarian smoked bacon). Be sure to order the Gerbeaud cake, which alternates layers of yeasted cake, chopped walnuts, and apricot jam.

Sunday in Brooklyn

Open in Williamsburg since 2016, Sunday in Brooklyn serves brunch and dinner daily, a true New York rarity. Now you can order brunch to your doorstep any day of the week, including the restaurant’s much-lauded pancakes, a sky-high stack that comes with brown butter and a hazelnut-maple praline.


Williamsburg’s Bolero, a Vietnamese hot spot, opened in 2020 to critical acclaim. Order the Vietnamese crispy crêpe with housemade duck prosciutto, arugula, pickled baby leeks, and shrimp sauce, a mind-bendingly delicious dish. The shaken beef, a combination of marinated hanger steak, fermented taro potatoes, Sriracha aioli, arugula, radicchio, and puffed beef tendon, is another definite winner. Close the meal with the pandan honeycomb cake, which comes with an Asian pear jam and toasted almond butter.

Joe's Shanghai

This Chinatown classic has been serving up the city’s most noteworthy soup dumplings for decades — and now you can order them on Caviar, too. There are myriad items that you can order for delivery that won’t disappoint, but the soup dumplings are always the way to go here. The pork soup dumplings and the crabmeat with pork soup dumplings are equally delicious contenders. Add on the pan-fried pork dumplings, and you have a meal that is fit for a king.


You used to have to wait in line for a really long time to get a sandwich from Parm. But things are looking up, because now you can order your very own chicken Parm hero (fried chicken cutlets, homemade tomato sauce, melted mozz) right to your house. The mozz sticks, Sunday salad, and baked ziti are equally pleasing. For dessert? There’s always Mario’s cannolis, a sweet end to a meal that feels impossible to pass up.



Tom Colicchio’s Vallata, which opened in Union Square in 2021, brings brilliantly simple food to the neighborhood. The bucatini cacio e pepe practically melts in the mouth, and the lumache, a shape of pasta that marries shells with penne, comes bathed in a thyme-heavy Bolognese. To pass up the cannoli bombolini at dessert — a combination of two beloved Italian sweet traditions — is downright criminal.

Petee's Pie Co.

The Lower East Side welcomed Petee’s Pie Co. in 2014, with a rotating roster of fresh pies (available both whole and by the slice). Flavors are always changing and often reflect the season. Expect flavors like New York sour cherry, Hudson Valley apple, blueberry crumb, and banana cream. A handful of savory pies are also available on occasion. Petee’s calls themselves the best pie in New York. You’ll have to be your own judge, but the good news is that you can order as many as you want in the process.

Rubirosa Ristorante

Nolita’s Rubirosa brings Staten Island–style pizza to the city. The Tie-Dye pizza, a cult classic, marries a pink vodka sauce with a swirl of green pesto. Pizza is the name of the game here, of course (you can order a regular pizza or a vodka sauce–only pie), but the restaurant also serves up excellent pasta dishes, including their lumache alla vodka, a pasta in pink sauce with tomato, cream, and Parmigiano, and a manicotti in tomato sauce that’s meant to impress even the fussiest of Italian food devotees. Rubirosa has been a longtime favorite on Caviar, and in July 2022 it became exclusively available for delivery on Caviar and DoorDash.


Carne Mare

Andrew Carmellini’s most recent venture, Carne Mare, opened in the Seaport neighborhood in 2021. The Italian-style steakhouse is a formal affair, a glossy, buzzy chophouse with prime cuts of meat and a Mad Men–era air. The Sicilian Caesar salad, barely visible beneath a snowstorm of shaved cheese, is as desirable a salad as any. A Milanese cowboy veal chop, crusted to perfection, may make you reconsider your craving for beef. (Although, if you do go with beef, the 16-ounce Prime boneless rib eye is a must-order.) And, in our opinion, every meal should conclude with a slice of Carne Mare’s decadent 17-layer chocolate cake. 

Han Dynasty

In the East Village, when it comes to Chinese food, Han Dynasty is king. (Is there a New Yorker alive who has not eaten the dan dan noodles by now?) Speaking of that dan dan, order it, in all of its spicy glory. It comes with housemade chile oil, sweet soy sauce, sesame paste, scallions, and minced pork. Silky wontons in chile oil are another must-order; the steamed pork wontons are served with black vinegar and chile sauce, then topped with crunchy scallions.

Spring Cafe Aspen

Open since 2021, Spring Cafe Aspen, the West Village’s addition to the clean and green scene, is an Aspen import. The bowls and salads are among the most popular options, including the Highlands bowl with tofu or tempeh, brown rice or quinoa, veggies, and your choice of dressing. The restaurant’s selection of juices — including their cleanser juice which consists of cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger, celery, and spinach — is enough to jump-start any day.

Vinegar Hill House

Dumbo’s Vinegar Hill House opened in 2008 and was one of the defining restaurants in bringing buzz back to the neighborhood. The Red Wattle pork chop, long Vinegar Hill’s most famous entrée, is still on the menu and available for delivery now, too. It comes with cheddar-jalapeño grits and a pork jus. A perfectly browned cast-iron chicken sits atop shallots and a sherry-vinegar jus. For dessert, do not pass up the chocolate Guinness cake topped with an irresistible cream cheese frosting.

vinegar hill house

Black Seed Bagels

Black Seed Bagels came to the city in 2014, introducing New Yorkers to small-ish, slightly sweet, Montreal-style bagels. Since then, the brand has proliferated. Bagels are honey-boiled and wood-fired. Black Seed sells 10 flavors: cinnamon-raisin, plain, everything, multigrain, multigrain everything, poppy, pumpernickel, pumpernickel everything, salt, and sesame. They also offer a variety of cream cheeses, including plain, veggie, scallion, pimiento, hot honey, lox and dill, and two plant-based options.

Five Leaves

Greenpoint’s Five Leaves, a restaurant that digs into Australian culture, opened in 2009. At home, you can enjoy an Aussie meal of your own, like the classic Aussie sausage roll, the spicy harissa chicken pie (served “Aussie style,” with chicken, harissa, herbs, and onions), or the so-called big breakky: two eggs any style, hash browns, seven-grain toast, and a choice of two sides. The restaurant is open for brunch and dinner, but it’s best known for its start-of-the-day fare.

Bowery Meat Company

This East Village steakhouse has generated buzz ever since it opened in 2014. Now, you can order from this Caviar Staff Pick directly. Start with the grilled Neuske bacon, topped with cracked black pepper, pickled red pearl onions, and Moscatel vinegar. After that, move on to any of the restaurant’s expertly cooked meats, like the Prime 40-day dry-aged porterhouse served with charred red onion. Don’t skip the asparagus, cloaked in an unforgettable béarnaise sauce. Or the mac and cheese, made with a mix of fontina and cheddar cheeses and topped with herbed breadcrumbs made from brioche.

bowery meat

Egg Shop

At SoHo’s Egg Shop, brunch is, and forever will be, cool. The truffle hash browns, made with rosemary and pecorino, are their own love language. The restaurant’s take on the bodega classic — bacon, egg, and cheese — is inspired. This B.E.C. comes with a sunny-side-up egg, tomato jam, pickled jalapeño peppers, and sharp cheddar cheese on a brioche roll. End on a sweet note with a handful of brunchkins, or mini donuts.

Fan Fried Rice Bar

This popular Bed-Stuy rice bar relocated to Williamsburg in 2022, and the verdict is in: It’s as buzzy as ever (and now available for ordering only on Caviar). The Taiwanese sausage fried rice, made with pork sausage, garlic, and edamame, is a can’t-miss order. And the pork chop fried rice comes with an epic eight-ounce fried pork loin chop atop scallion, egg, and onion fried rice. Order the crunchy cucumber salad on the side, which is dressed in a salty, compelling sesame oil and garlic sauce.

Pastrami Queen

Open on the Upper East Side since 1956, this pastrami institution is, in fact, the queen. You can order your pastrami sandwich just the way you like it: on rye, seedless rye, or a club roll; with sour or half-sour pickles — or none at all; with Russian dressing, mustard, cole slaw, sauerkraut, onion, lettuce, tomato, or a combination therein; and, if you’re so inclined, lean or extra-lean. Traditionalists may even add on a Dr. Brown’s black cherry soda and a side of kasha varnishkes, buckwheat groats with pasta. Or maybe a five-piece order of black and white cookies.

Pastrami Queen


Chelsea Market’s Miznon, an Israeli restaurant, opened in 2018, offering diners much to look forward to. The restaurant’s pita sandwiches, revolving around homemade bread, are still incredibly popular. Go for the Minute Steak 2.0, with thinly sliced steak seared and served in a pita with tahini, tomato salsa, pickles, and spicy green peppers. There are myriad vegetarian options here, too, like the iconic falafel pita, a so-called falafel “burger” with tomatoes, pickles, sour cream, and a spicy green sauce. Or try the batata, a baked sweet potato with a side of sour cream, perfect for dipping.

Little Ways

SoHo’s Little Ways, a ’70s-inspired bistro, opened in 2020. This spot serves comfort food with a twist, like the crab linguine which comes with lemon, cream, chile bread crumbs, and a spray of bright green parsley. This exclusive-to-Caviar restaurant also serves up an impressive plate of deviled eggs with sesame seeds and wasabi; a warm peach and pistachio salad, made better with the piquancy of grapefruit and funk of blue cheese; and a decadent version of steak frites made with a 14-ounce rib eye and mushrooms.

The Migrant Kitchen

Lower Manhattan’s The Migrant Kitchen, a restaurant run by immigrants and dedicated to the food of immigrants, opened in 2020. This international restaurant has plenty to love, including a grilled halloumi and chorizo bowl with chickpeas, potatoes, roasted red peppers, and a sunny-side-up egg; a carnitas shawarma wrap full of slow-roasted and smoked pork, lettuce, tomato, house-pickled jalapeño, cilantro, and a chipotle salsa; and a roasted carrot and hummus bowl served with chimichurri and pepitas.

migrant kitchen

Delice & Sarrasin

The West Village welcomed this vegan French bistro in 2021, and now you can order from it on Caviar (and only on Caviar). Enjoy the foie gras without the actual liver with a tahini-based pâté, served atop levain bread. The vegan steak frites are actually made from meaty — and equally tantalizing — mushrooms. And a raw dark chocolate mousse is a terrific way to seal the meal.

Lure Fishbar

Housed in an underground SoHo spot that resembles a boat, Lure Fishbar, which opened in 2004, can now arrive at your doorstep via Caviar. The restaurant’s ever-delicious yellowtail jalapeño roll is on the menu for delivery. So is the Lure burger, which comes with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a side of french fries. Miso-glazed salmon, with sugar snap peas, mushrooms, and pea shoots, is never a bad idea, nor is a four-piece order of the chocolate chip cookies made with toffee and sea salt.

Breads Bakery

If you’ve ever craved a babka in New York City, you may already know this one truth: Breads Bakery, which has several outposts, is the go-to place for this Eastern European treat. And while the Breads babka may be hard to come by in person (it’s a Seinfeldian reality), you can get this trademarked dessert bread delivered via Caviar. Available in chocolate, Nutella, and dark chocolate, this croissant-like cross between a bread and a dessert is nothing short of revelatory. Order it now or forever hold your peace.

breads bakery

Clinton St Baking Company - Time Out Market

Time Out opened their sprawling Dumbo market in 2019, which is when the Clinton Street Baking Company opened this Brooklyn outpost. Now breakfast can be yours at home. Order the B.E.L.T., a sandwich with double-smoked bacon, a free-range egg, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on sourdough toast served alongside hash browns. The buttermilk waffle changes to reflect seasonal flavors — the summer flavor is peach melba, featuring local peaches and fresh raspberries as well as vanilla bean whipped cream, raspberry sauce, and candied almonds.

Chanson Le Salon

The exclusive-to-Caviar Chanson Le Salon opened this year in Tribeca, and it remains extremely hot for brunch, lunch, and dinner. The Chanson goat cheese salad comes with beets, fresh figs, pepitas, and goat cheese, lightly dressed with buttermilk dressing. An entrée of barbecued duck, served with grilled carrot, asparagus, pickled carrot, and a red pepper cream, is nothing short of inspired. Close the meal with the vanilla panna cotta accented with strawberry jelly, an orange macaron, whipped cream, and seasonal fresh berries for a delightful blend of textures.


The buzzy Clinton Hill grocery, bar, and restaurant known as Mekelburg’s, which opened in 2015, expanded to Williamsburg three years later, and that equally buzzy outpost now offers delivery morning, noon, and night. Tasty comfort foods include items like beer cheese, whitefish tartine, lentil soup, pizza bread, and a Wagyu roast beef sandwich. All kinds of refreshing agua frescas are available, from grapefruit to peach and guava to piña colada.