The Best Pizza in Philly Available for Delivery

Square Sicilian, wood-fired Neapolitan, and classic round: We've got all your favorites.

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When was the last time you thought long and hard about the merits of mini pepperoni cups? Exactly. Leave that up to us. We compiled this list of the best pizza spots available for delivery in Philly based on critical acclaim and DoorDash diners’ favorites, but it isn’t ranked because we’re not splitting hairs here, just pies. 

Emmy Squared

Those golden-brown corner slices are everything. Emmy Squared, part of the beloved Pizza Loves Emily mini-chain that started in New York, serves square Detroit-style pies with impossibly fluffy dough, crispy cheese-laced edges, and long-simmered homemade sauce. Start with a classic pie and the honey-drizzled Colony. You’ll be back to try the rest soon.

BestPizzaPhilly EmmySquared detroitstyle article

Pizzeria Vetri

Celebrity chef and Philly native Marc Vetri’s Pizzeria Vetri cuts no corners (not a pizza pun, but coincidentally, these are round pies) with a four-day-fermented dough that creates a chewy, flavorful crust. Trust Vetri — he literally wrote a book called "Mastering Pizza." This is Neapolitan-style pizza on which simple ingredients shine because their quality is exceptional. Think imported buffalo mozzarella and paper-thin prosciutto. Then stop thinking so much and start eating. With two locations in Philly, it couldn’t be easier.

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High Street

High Street isn’t just one of the best places to get pizza in Philly, it’s one of the city’s best restaurants, period, according to Eater. Known for showcasing local ingredients and its serious bread program, High Street makes pizza that’s beautifully adorned with a chewy, fermented-dough crust. The Cavolo Nero pie, topped with inky black kale, roasted garlic and chestnut cream, and caramelized shallots, is as visually striking as it is delicious.

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At Wilder in Rittenhouse, chefs Bob Truitt and Brett Naylor constantly come up with inventive seasonal pizzas (maitake and delicata squash, please) alongside Italian-inflected classics (anchovies and pecorino, pretty please). The wood-fired oven leaves the crust blistered and bubbling, and the pizzas are small enough to share a few between friends.

BestPizzaPhilly Wilder pizzas article


Philly restaurateurs Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran serve seasonally inspired Italian food at Barbuzzo, where the wood-fired pizza is the draw. The Uovo pizza, topped with a secret white sauce, truffled egg yolk, brussels sprout leaves, guanciale, and Parm, is a showstopper. Add a few starters (whipped ricotta and butternut squash arancini, perhaps) to gild the lily.

BestPizzaPhilly Barbuzzo margherita article

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

This Brooklyn import made its name partly on the Hellboy — a pizza with a registered trademark, mind you — a pepperoni-and-hot-honey-topped thin-crust pie that’s perfect in every way. The crispy-edged mini pepperoni cups might ruin you for all other pepperoni. Whether you want round, Sicilian square, or vegan, Paulie Gee’s gives you options, but not too many. This is nostalgic pizza that you won’t soon forget.

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Porco’s Porchetteria & Small Oven Pastry Shop

This walk-up spot from Chad Durkin puts the spotlight on humanely raised local pork in Italian street-food-style porchetta sandwiches. But Porco’s has a trick up its sleeve: ciabatta pizzas, classic pizza toppings smothered with housemade gravy (meat or veggie) on chewy, homemade ciabatta. This might not be what you expected when you searched for the best pizza in Philly, but it deserves its place on the list.

BestPizzaPhilly Porcos ciabattapizza article

Hook & Master

Hook & Master is a newcomer to the Philly pizza scene, and it brings a triple threat to the category: Chicago deep-dish, round thin-crust, and cracker-crust tavern pies are all served here, spearheaded by Iron Chef and James Beard Award winner Jose Garces. There are toppings to impress (cured egg yolks, charred octopus), seasonal specials, and Calabrian chile ricotta to dip your crusts in.

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Pizzeria Stella

Pizzeria Stella is part of Stephen Starr’s restaurant group, which is insider code for: It upholds a high standard for, well, everything from customer service to mozzarella. And it’s fancy. But more importantly, the Neapolitan-style pizza is textbook. Order the prosciutto-topped San Daniele to fact-check that statement, then get back to us.

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Chestnut Hill Brewing Company

The pizza at Chestnut Hill Brewing Company is as crushable as the beers (which are, sadly, not available for delivery). The restaurant goes the extra mile by preparing everything with local, organic ingredients. Go with a classic Margherita, then explore the rest of the other veg-forward pub food on the menu, like fried oyster mushrooms with mustard.

Pitruco Pizza

The standout Neapolitan pies at Pitruco (you may know its popular food truck counterpart) are scattered with fire-kissed bubbles. Some bubbles are burnished dough, others cheese. All are good signs. Keep a lookout for decadent special pies that might be topped with charred radicchio and Taleggio cheese, and don’t shy away from the vegetable-packed pies, which are some of the best.

BestPizzaPhilly Pitruco pizzas article

Wood Street Pizza

Thin, handmade crust. Two types of milky mozzarella, one housemade. Olive oil drizzle — the good stuff. Wood Street Pizza is a local favorite where you can count on quality ingredients and crowd-pleasing toppings. Vegetarian? Don’t sleep on the spinach-ricotta calzone; it looks as inviting as a plump pillow.

Felicia’s Pizza Kitchen

Leopard-spotted crust, homemade everything, fries loaded with mozz, bacon, ranch, and spicy honey sauce. Felicia’s Pizza Kitchen in Ardmore is quietly turning out some of the best pies in the area. Every freshly topped pizza is made in the wood-fired brick oven, which chars the chewy crust to perfection. The family-run restaurant doesn’t have a website and isn’t on Instagram. It lets the pizza (especially the clam pie) speak for itself.

La Rosa Pizza

La Rosa has a specific claim to pizza fame in Philly, and that’s for its potato pie. Topped with thinly sliced potatoes that melt into the cheese, it’s comforting and unique. (You can also try the potato on a two-topping pie, a popular choice.) La Rosa makes rectangular, Sicilian-style pizzas with a slightly thicker crust that offers a satisfying chew and crispy edges.

Pizza Brain

A modern pizzeria with a good sense of humor, Pizza Brain does thin-crust pies with obsessive quality control, which explains its rack-up of accolades over the past 10+ years. White pizza lovers need to try the Lucy Waggle, which takes things up a notch with pine nuts, dates, arugula, prosciutto, and a balsamic drizzle.


Five generations of Tacconellis have carried on a pizza tradition that revolves around a workhorse brick oven. The famous pizza has a crackling thin crust, flavorful sauce, and just a little cheese. It’s a unique style that makes it too easy to eat piece after piece. There’s no long list of toppings here — it’s about doing more with less. Which will, ironically, make you crave it even more.

Metropolitan Pizza

Metropolitan Bakery, which now has four locations across Philly, is known for its quality bread and celebration of local ingredients (and behind-the-scenes community involvement). The pies at its pizza offshoot are no exception, with a 36-hour-fermented dough made of local grains that are milled in house, which blisters nicely in the brick oven. Seek out the seasonal pies and the fun make-your-own-pizza kit. 

Urban Village Brewing

There’s something about Penelope. Who is she? Just the most popular pizza at Urban Village Brewing. While other pepperoni pies keep it simple, this one includes creamy ricotta and a bright green basil pesto that raises the bar at this, well, bar. The brick-oven pizzas all have feminine names — a fun naming convention that feels like a secret code, but the payoff is pizza.

BestPizzaPhilly UrbanVillageBrewing penelope article

Chiquita’s Pizzeria

Good luck finding anything close to the pizza ingenuity at Chiquita’s Pizzeria. These Mexican pies in South Philly are topped with al pastor and avocado, chorizo and mole, tender birria — and the list goes on. (There are plain cheese pies, if you must.) This is joyful, inventive pizza that deserves more recognition.


In person, Figo is a spot to meet up with friends for happy hour and share a few plates of pasta, but only the restaurant’s pizza, hoagies, and calzones are available for delivery. You have choices of classic cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pies, but the lobster pizza might grab your attention. Give in to it.

Wood-Fired Pizza by Oh Brother

While it's predominantly known for its cheesesteaks, Oh Brother’s pizza doesn’t let locals down. These are generously topped round pizzas with classic toppings, plus a few wild cards like the beef-tips-topped cheesesteak-inspired Oh Bro Pizza, and a strawberry-Nutella-marshmallow dessert pie, because why not?

Barra Rossa

A modern Italian restaurant with wood-fired pizzas and plenty of vegan options, Barra Rossa is where you order a pizza as an appetizer to share before your big plate of penne alla vodka. The signature pie, the Philly Dilly, is topped with dill pickles and has a Parmesan-garlic sauce that perfectly complements the pickle tang. Trust us on this one.

Borda’s Italian Eats

Borda’s is named after the father-and-son team Franco Borda and Anthony Borda, the same family behind the Italian restaurant Francoluigi’s. The pizza’s 48-hour-fermented dough takes no shortcuts, and the payoff is a delightful, focaccia-like spring. Get a half-sheet Crazy Calabrese because 1) it’s fun to say, and 2) the hot-honey-and-pepperoni combo never gets old.

Ed’s Buffalo Wings

Yes, you’re here for wings. However, you’ll need a pizza follow-up, and Ed’s has plenty to choose from, including vegan pies and its mysterious, irresistible Boom Boom sauce. (It’s got some heat; pair it with ranch.) Or combine the family-owned restaurant’s two specialties and get the buffalo chicken pizza.

Randazzo’s Pizza

Whether you’re craving thin crust or a saucy Sicilian grandma pie — or maybe it’s really calzone night — Randazzo’s has it all, plus a side of Cheez Whiz fries. The local spot’s wide menu includes chicken nuggets, cheesesteaks, gyros, and more. This is party-ready pizza.

Savas Brick Oven Pizza

When you need hot, cheesy pizza at midnight, Savas is your spot. There’s a reason it’s popular among the students on the Drexel campus. Plus, they offer slices for delivery — a rare find. The quesadillas, milkshakes, and buffalo chicken salad are also popular, so it’s a reliable pick when you’re feeding a group that can’t agree on what to eat. 

Del Rossi’s Cheesesteak & Pizza Co.

Come to Del Rossi’s for the cheesesteaks, get distracted by the pizza. Or have a bit of both with the inventive pepperoni-and-marinara-topped pizza cheesesteak, or, on the flip side, the cheesesteak pizza. While other cheesesteak spots deliver the Cheez Whiz and nostalgia, Del Rossi’s prioritizes quality ingredients, pasture-raised beef, and made-from-scratch sauce. Details that pay off.

Lazaro’s Pizzeria & Grill

Gigantic, crowd-pleasing thin-crust pizza is the name of the game at Lazaro’s, a Philly institution. This is where you’ll get the big, cheesy slices that make you feel like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The buffalo chicken pie has a hypnotic swirl of blue cheese, and the garlic knots aren’t negotiable.

Pizzeria Pesto

Genoa native Claudio Conigliaro is the chef behind the wheel at Pizzeria Pesto, which serves thin-crust pies and thicker, square grandma pies (try those first), all made from homemade dough. And while you might be reading this during a sudden, specific craving for pizza, we can’t help but point out how good the chicken cutlet sandwiches are here, too. Do with that information what you will. 

Enjay’s Pizza

Enjay’s is a tried-and-true pizza joint right on the UPenn campus, inside Smokey Joe’s pub. It’s the place you order from when the only cure for what ails you (also known as a hangover) is greasy pizza with oozy cheese … and maybe a side of Parmesan fries.

BestPizzaPhilly EnjaysPizza group article

Margherita Pizzeria

Life isn’t complicated at Margherita Pizzeria in Old City. You’re here for a no-frills pepperoni pizza with a side of ranch, or maybe a stromboli, if the mood strikes. Need vegetables every now and then? The tomato, spinach, and ricotta pie will do the trick. 

Rize Pizza

Gluten-free cauliflower crust pizzas, thin-crust rounds, and grandma pies are all on the menu at this pizza and cheesesteak shop in West Chester. Scroll directly to the square Rize pies, which have a light and airy — but nice and chewy — crust. The popular Ivory pizza is a white pie with roasted garlic, funky fontina, and truffle oil.

BestPizzaPhilly Rize slices article

Cacia’s Bakery

Cacia’s Bakery is a third-generation family-owned South Philly institution known for its slices and stromboli, so consider one of each to sample the range. The pizza is Sicilian-ish, with a thicker, focaccia-like dough and crispy square corners. The tomato pie is topped with a deep, brick-red homemade gravy, and the Pizzazz pie brings the heat with chiles.

Tortas & Pizza El Sabor de Mi Tierra

Like Chiquita’s Pizzeria, Tortas & Pizza serves a beautiful fusion of Mexican cuisine and American pizza. You can have a chicken tinga pie or a pepperoni pie, plus an array of other dishes from both cuisines. If you’re wondering if tres leches cake pairs well with pizza, the answer is a resounding yes.

Pietro’s Pizzeria | Birreria

Some are here for the vodka sauce, others are here for the thin-crust pizza, and hopefully everyone is on board with an order of mozz sticks. Pietro’s is an Italian restaurant with coal-oven-baked pizza, including many options for vegan pies. Making your own is popular, but we like the Pietro’s pie, with fresh arugula and ribbons of prosciutto. 

BestPizzaPhilly Pietros pizza article

Wolf Street Pizza & Pasta House

A neighborhood staple in Girard Estate, Wolf Street is known for its stromboli, but the pizza and pasta are popular, too. Stick to classic cheese pies and the vodka sauce pie and appreciate that you can order a heart-shaped pie any time of year.

Gaby’s Station Pizza

Pizza is one of the many, many menu options at Gaby’s, a local mainstay, similar to a few others on this list, that serves American-style pizza alongside Mexican pies, like a poblano pizza with chicken, steak, black beans, and mole sauce. Gaby’s is one of the few spots where you can verify what you’ve always believed, that pizza and nachos belong together.

Mike’s Pizza

Mike’s Pizza is a family-run and family-friendly restaurant that specializes in Sicilian square pies with a nice, thick crust. Cheesesteaks, chicken fingers, and burgers pies fly out of Mike’s, too, but you’re here for the pizza, aren’t you? Start with the barbecue chicken Sicilian pie.

Pete’s Pizza

Affordable and no-nonsense, Pete’s Pizza will deliver two cheese pies for under $20. Make-your-own pies and cheesy pizza fries are also on the menu. Just don’t forget a can of ginger ale to wash it all down.

Alice Pizza

Alice, a distant relative of a pizza chain in Italy, is one of the few restaurants in Philly making rectangular Roman-style pizza, which has an extremely thin, cracker-like crust — definitely worth seeking out. There’s no better pairing than the Margherita pie and a bracing arugula salad. Okay, and cannoli for dessert.


Rione, owned by a Rome native, is also known for its light and airy Roman-style pizza, which is available by the slice, so you can try a rosemary and potato slice and a carbonara slice. Don’t forget to save room for a Nutella sandwich dusted with powdered sugar for dessert. 

BestPizzaPhilly Rione papateesalsiccia article

D’Oliva EVOO Pizza & Grill

D’Oliva is relatively new, owned by an Italian family that likes to say they’re “fresh off the boat.” Like Alice and Rione, it also makes Roman-style pizzas, of which the truffle oil–topped mushroom pie deserves your attention. There are a range of pies to please American palates, which is why the buffalo chicken pie is one of the most popular dishes.

Jane’s Vegan Pizza

Vegan pizza that’s not just for vegans. Jane’s Vegan Pizza was started by the Pizza Dads team behind Pizza Brain. Many of Jane’s pies use a cashew cream ricotta cheese that’s in its own realm of delicious. The toppings put the focus on big flavor, fresh veggies, and bright herbs.

20th Street Pizza

Along with Jane’s, 20th Street is an all-vegan pizza spot with a loyal following of folks on the lookout for animal-product-free pizza that doesn’t compromise. The Green pie is generously topped with roasted kale and a cashew mozzarella that melts, stretches, and tastes like regular mozzarella; it would be spooky if it wasn’t so delicious.

BestPizzaPhilly 20thStreetPizza green article

Triangle Tavern

Triangle Tavern serves classic, non-vegan bar food alongside vegan counterparts, so there are vegan meatballs, cheesesteaks, and pizzas. The red pie is pure nostalgia, and the seasonal specials are creative and exciting. In the deep winter, there might be an Oktoberfest-themed pizza with Beyond Meat bratwurst and vegan mustard butter, and, in the summer, grilled peaches. 

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza

A family-run Italian American restaurant that’s now franchised elsewhere in the region, Santucci’s square pizza is similar to Sicilian-style, based on a family recipe that starts with a thin crust in a square pan and ends with sauce over, not under, the cheese. (Sauce lovers, this is the place for you.) If you get the Works pie, there’s pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers to keep you busy — for a while.

LaScala’s Fire

Wood-fired pizza (and wings, never forget the wings) is one of the main events at LaScala’s Fire, a local chain with locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and sister spots like LaScala’s Pronto. These are smaller, personal-size pizzas with a thin, bubbly crust and a mix of traditional (a lovely white pie with broccoli rabe) and decadent (wild mushroom with truffle – a must) toppings.

Snap Custom Pizza & Salads

Snap name lives up to its promise. Fast, reliable, consistent. It’s a DoorDash customer favorite in Philly because it begins with homemade dough, and the rest is up to you. Affordable and customizable with gourmet toppings (like a finishing drizzle of balsamic), you can fulfill your fantasy of a seven-cheese pizza.

BestPizzaPhilly SnapCustomPizza pizza article


The sharply branded fast-casual chain &pizza swooped in and invented its own pizza style. The pies are oblong, with a plush crust that you can top with whatever your heart desires. Or you can stick with the Lil Roni since it’ll never steer you wrong. Mozz Knots, Gnarlic Knots, and Knaughty Knots only sweeten the deal — literally. The Knaughty Knots are dessert dough knots with a chocolate and vanilla drizzle, and they’re as good as they sound. 

BestPizzaPhilly &pizza mozzknots article


High Street Pizza by Kate Morrison

Hook & Master by Brianna Bialko

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