The Best Things to Buy at the Grocery Store

We tasted our way through the supermarket so you don’t have to.

4 min read

Grocery stores stock thousands of products. How do you even start to find the best, say, extra virgin olive oil, or frozen buffalo wings? That’s where Block Party comes in. 

Our Block Party team of expert food writers, test kitchen veterans, chefs, and connoisseurs — plus their willing partners, lucky friends, and hungry kids — conduct a whole lot of taste tests to discern the best of the best grocery store staples. 

From string cheese to frozen dumplings to ranch dressing, they taste dining room tables full of products, take copious notes, and snap libraries of phone photos so they can confidently recommend the products that best deliver on flavor, texture, and quality. They diligently air fry, pan fry, dip, drizzle, stir, and swirl. 

Next time you fill your cart, you can be sure you’re doing so with expert-backed guidance. Here are our guides to the best grocery store items, for the next time you’re staring at the endless shelves of food wondering what to buy. 

Photography: Paul Quitoriano
Art Direction: Sarah Ceniceros Gomez