The Most Popular Sushi Spots in Los Angeles

Fresh fish, cold sake, can’t lose.

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ramen of york top down

From Silverlake to West Hollywood to the suburbs of Pasadena and Glendale (and everywhere in between), great delivery awaits, especially when it comes to sushi. Even those who don’t subscribe to the “west coast, best coast” adage will agree: It doesn’t get much fresher than this. Here are some of your favorite restaurants delivering sushi in and around the City of Angels. 

1. Ramen of York 

Silverlake’s Ramen of York may be known for their slurpable noodle bowls, but their rolls are noteworthy as well. The shrimp tempura roll’s crunch is punctuated by umami-rich eel sauce, and you won’t want to skip the Lemon Roll: avocado, fried shrimp, and spicy tuna with a thin slice of lemon on top. 

2. Sushi Ippo

Dip into unlimited sushi on Wilshire Boulevard at this unstoppable Caviar favorite. Ippo Deluxe orders — 20 pieces of sushi plus two appetizers — are one of the best deals in town. On the roll menu, the Ultimate Orgasm earns its gauche name: It truly is that good. It comes with crab meat, avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon, crawfish, and mayo — a harmony of flavors. 

3. Roll Call

Right near Koreatown, this sushi spot serves up rolls, delightful hot Japanese appetizers, and bento boxes. Cold sparkling sake can be delivered alongside the Holy Grail roll: yellowtail and scallion topped with avocado, jalapeño slices, Sriracha, and a sweet wasabi dressing. 

4. Iki Ramen

Although the rich and silky burnt garlic tonkotsu ramen will keep you coming back to Iki Ramen, don’t overlook this restaurant’s superlative sushi. Of note: The crispy, slightly sweet STC roll consists of crispy shrimp, blue crab, spicy tuna, and avocado, topped with spicy mayo and sweet shoyu, all wrapped in soy paper. 

5. Sushi Roku

Pasadena’s Sushi Roku brings LA’s great food to the suburbs. Part of what this restaurant is known for is its affordable platters, including the Sushi Fix that includes five pieces of assorted nigiri and two different rolls, plus sunomono (cucumber salad) and edamame. Massive family platters are also available, and they feed a sushi-loving crowd for less than typical sushi prices. 

6. Kabuki

Also in Pasadena, this much-beloved gem serves up everything from traditional rolls ( shrimp tempura) to more innovative rolls (the Lotus on Fire incorporates spicy tuna, lotus root, and jalapeño into a traditional California roll). The restaurant also serves hibachi classics, including garlic beef, seared tuna, shrimp, and jumbo scallops. 

7. Poke Republic

At Poke Republic, Angelenos can combine a Hawaiian classic — poke bowls made to order with fresh salmon, tuna, albacore, scallop, or octopus — with a Japanese one: Sushi! The King Salmon roll, large and ruby red, comes adorned with avocado and a crunchy red onion topping. Like your favorite poke, in a roll. 

8. Sushi 101

For excellent sushi in West Hollywood, head directly to Sushi 101, where the bento boxes are available all day. Baked rolls have their own category, and the baked lobster roll is one of the most popular. It’s a California roll topped with baked lobster and slicked with umami-rich eel sauce. 

9. Kaiba Japanese Restaurant

In Monterey Park, Kaiba Japanese Restaurant specializes in both ramen and sushi. Kaiba knows how difficult it is to choose between a slurpable bowl of ramen and a craveable roll. And so, at both lunch and dinnertime, they offer plates that feature both. We particularly like the spicy miso ramen and spicy tuna roll combo.

10. Sushi With Attitude

Home to the so-called SushiBi (a combination of sushi and musubi), this Instagram-ready sushi spot lives up to the hype. Yes, the SushiBi is the way to go here (order the playful Poke Me SushiBi, a salmon poke riff that comes infused with a Sriracha aioli and topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos). But there are more playful dishes to love, like the bulgogi-laden french fries and mochi ice cream with chocolate dipping sauce. 

11. Sasabune

Hiding in Glendale is this diamond-in-the-rough spot, where diners come for the incomparably fresh fish. Among the favorites here are the chirashi bowls: slices of pristine sashimi (whatever’s freshest) served over sushi rice. Also worth noting: the five-, eight-, 10-, and 12-piece sushi boxes, all good deals and, obviously, fresher than fresh. 

12. Yanagi Kitchen

Manhattan Beach’s Yanagi Kitchen offers top-notch sushi, small plates, and Japanese appetizers. Among the more popular items: spicy tuna on crispy rice — velvety smooth spicy tuna and jalapeño slices atop five pieces of crisped-up compressed rice. The yellowtail cilantro roll is also a bright and delicious way to begin or end a meal. 

13. Kanpai Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill 

Kanpai’s menu runs a nice gamut of Japanese dishes, including Japanese curry, chicken katsu, and, of course, top-notch sushi. The Special Sushi Selection offers a compendium of less-than-common fish, including salmon belly, snow crab, and albacore, expertly prepared atop sushi rice. The peppered toro is definitely a must-try, as is the battera (marinated mackerel). 

14. Aikan Sushi & Ramen

This Pasadena restaurant upgrades the usual sushi and ramen options.There are only two ramen options, both perfect: The tonkotsu ramen comes with pork belly chashu and the vegetarian miso ramen is full of wild mushrooms. Some of the premium roll options have a local spin, like the Long Beach Roll with jalapeño poppers albacore, smelt egg, and fried onion. There’s a long menu of poke sashimi; we like the tuna poke sashimi with kizami wasabi, black tobiko, wasabi greens, and yuzu citrus sauce. 

15. SushiStop 

SushiStop in Glendale is seemingly utilitarian, but is a secret sushi powerhouse offering a wide array of sushi and maki offerings for those in the know. All the standard rolls are on the menu, of course, but there are plenty of surprises, like the citrus-forward yuzu albacore roll, featuring spicy tuna, cucumber, Sriracha, cilantro, fried onion, and garlic ponzu. 

16. Michi Japanese Kitchen

Some of Marina del Ray’s best sushi can be found at Michi Japanese Kitchen, where a full roster of Japanese classics are readily available (think curry, bento boxes, ramen, and katsu). The sushi menu is deliciously streamlined, featuring classics like spicy tuna rolls, salmon avocado rolls, and yellowtail rolls. One surefire winner: the Marina roll, a combination of shrimp tempura and spicy tuna. 

17. Sachi Sushi 

West Hollywood’s Sachi Sushi serves fresh sushi with a sense of humor. The so-called Monkey Brain — spicy tuna and crab wrapped in avocado and deep-fried — is far more delicious than its cheeky title implies. High-quality sushi (think toro or fatty tuna) is never a bad choice at this neighborhood spot that’s also a destination restaurant. 

18. FIN

This clever Culver City spot defines their cuisine as Asian tapas, and it’s a fantastic way to dine if you’re non-committal or just want to explore the broad menu: crispy onion albacore sashimi served with homemade ponzu; lobster-glazed beef gyoza; and Yukon gold potatoes with ground shishito peppers are all winners. For rolls, dig into the Maguro Delight hand roll: tuna, masago, scallions, sesame oil, and shiso. 

19. San Sai Japanese Grill

Look far beyond sushi at this comprehensive Japanese restaurant in Carson, where items like bowls, soups, and salads are ever-popular. The spicy sashimi salad — fresh tuna, salmon, and red snapper served over a mix of salad greens and cucumbers and tomatoes — marries the sushi ideal with everything you want in a cool, crisp salad. But don’t say no to the Red Bull roll: Surimi crab meat, shrimp tempura, cucumber, and yamagobo (burdock root pickle).