World Street Kitchen Takes the Fried Chicken Sandwich to Another Stratosphere

The Moroccan Fried Chicken, slathered in a spicy feta spread, comes sandwiched in a house-made cheddar-scallion biscuit.

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In Minneapolis, it’d be easy enough to eat something different and genuinely delicious every night in Uptown and its bordering neighborhoods. And yet, despite the deluge of darn good eats throughout the area, the MFC at World Street Kitchen has become an instinctive order. I’m saying “MFC” before I even have a chance to look at the menu.

The MFC, aka Moroccan Fried Chicken, is served between a house-made cheddar-scallion biscuit, with a carrot-preserved lemon salad and a spicy feta spread. It’s your all-occasion sandwich. It's the friend who passes the two beers and a puppy test; it satiates both your hedonistic desires and sensible needs.   

To be sure, the sandwich’s star is the fried chicken, but the protein is not the first thing you notice. That would be the colorful carrot slaw that brings a lemony burst and cuts through the meat’s strong flavors. It freshens up the entire plate without overshadowing the sandwich’s namesake. 


The spicy and creamy feta spread — a mix of feta cheese, paprika, and sambal made in-house — is also quick to steal the show. It infuses the sandwich with a richness that ties all of its disparate parts into a whole. Devastatingly, you can’t get order the spread on its own. I would order it by the jar and try it on hamburgers or in a salad or on fried potatoes or… 

Yet, for all the immaculate fixings, the sandwich is nothing without the chicken. The thigh meat is juicy and flavorful. The breading, seasoned with cumin and smoked paprika, has an audible crunch. It’s simply a perfect balance of textures. 

Each component of the MFC requires its own superlatives, but the magic is in how they come together in a smoky, spicy, rich sandwich that requires no sides to leave you walking away grinning with satisfaction.

PHOTO CREDIT: World Street Kitchen